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August 2020 product update

What’s new in Document360? – August 2020 Product Update

What’s new in Document360? – August 2020 Product Update

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Last updated on Jun 7, 2022

Here we are with our mid-year product update. We have added a couple of major features and enhanced the overall product UI/UX experience. We are keen on enriching Document360 as a holistic knowledge base platform in the SaaS documentation spectrum.  

Here are the highlight features of this update 

  • Localization (to create multilingual knowledge base) 
  • The Drive (single place to manage your knowledge base assets) 
  • UI/UX revamp to maintain simplicity

1. Localization 

If you are working with global customers, then there is significant value in maintaining your knowledge base in multiple languages. Document360 now comes with complete localization as a major feature update. By offering your brand experience and support in a language that feels familiar, both existing and potential customers are much more likely to engage with your product and its knowledge base content. 

Comparison English and Russian - Document360

Localizing your knowledge base and the respective home page would eliminate many obstacles faced by your customers in connecting and understanding your business, as opposed to single language (monolingual) documentation and website 

We have some advanced features like automatic machine translation using AI engine and also integration with our translation partner (Crowdin) to work with translation automation if required. 

The localization feature would make it seamless for our customers to create a powerful multilingual knowledge base,  watch this short video to see the overall localization capability. 

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2. Drive 

For a good knowledge base, you will require various assets like images, videos, sometimes PDF, Excel, Word files, but managing these assets is always a challenge. Well, worry no more, cause a new and improved repository for your entire digital assets is here. A major step-up from our existing file manager feature.  

The Drive feature we have shipped will solve this problem by being a central place to keep all your assets well-structured in hierarchical folders and sub-folders. It comes packed with features like tagging, drag and drop, color coding folders, and favorites. Sync, organize, backup, and work with your folders and digital file formats like images, videos, audios, documents, and many other formats.  If you have accidentally deleted any of your assets you can easily restore them from the recycle bin. 

New drive window - Document360

You can upload your digital assets to Drive using the simple interfaces on your Document360 project dashboard. The way the Drive works is similar to the most well-known cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, DropBox, Box etc giving the seamless user experience.

Another short video to understand the full capabilities of The Drive  


3. UI/UX improvements 

One of the positive feedbacks we get from our customers is the clean UI/UX and simplicity of Document360.  

We pay a lot of attention to keep that promise; every time we add new features we constantly redefine our UI/UX. To accommodate the new features (especially localization) we reworked across the application to improve the usability.  

 Settings Menu 

You’d find the facelift evident starting from the Settings menu. We have added two new menu groups; the Knowledge base assistant and Tools. In the new menu groupings you can find new Menu items like Localization & versioning, Extensions, URL mapping to highlight a few.  

The Knowledge base assistant menu grouping is an enhancement and renaming of the existing In-app assistant.  

A minor improvement in editor settings; now you can choose to show line numbers in the markdown editor. You can enable this option using the toggle in General project settings. 

UI improvement- Settings menu - Document360

Documentation controls 

As for the Documentation window, you can observe the article controls on the right which are Article settings, Discussions and View history options have been realigned to make it easily accessible.   

Also the article editor realigns to make room for the Discussion window when you select it. You can work on the article editor simultaneously with the discussions window open side-by-side. 

UI improvement- Documentation control-Document360

Bulk operations 

You can observe a lot of improvements and additions in the Bulk operations page. We have added Review required and Hidden articles sorting on the left. Another major update is the addition of the different ‘Filter by’ options. Apart from these, the overall look and feel of this section has been extensively worked on.  

UI improvement- Bulk operations - Document360

New breadcrumbs 

Now you find project level breadcrumbs at the top section of the window. This would help you easily identify the exact page you’re in and the Menu flow.  

UI improvement- Project level breadcrumbs in Document360

Localization elements 

As localization was a part of our major feature release, you can find elements linked to this across the project.  

Language dropdown 

In the Documentation window, Bulk operation, Home page builder, and Analytic you can find the Language dropdown at the top next to Project version dropdown. You can seamlessly switch between different languages in your project version. 

UI improvement- Language dropdown in Document360

Localization icon 🌐 

We have added the 🌐 icon in all the places where localization plays a part. You can find this in

  • Settings menu items – Localization & versions and Design & Navigation 
  • Documentation – Need translation at the top of article editor and along with the article status indicator 

UI improvement- Localization icon-Document360

Home page builder 

Based on popular demand from our customer, we have enhanced the Home page customization. You can design and publish individual home pages from each of your project versions.  

Not just for versions, you can also design and publish individual home page designs for the different languages too. 

Home page builder - Toggle between English and Spanish


The localization feature comes as a treat to many of our customers who were waiting for this feature. This feature adds a good value proposition to the knowledge base software, as it opens new opportunities for our customers who are already into the global market or just starting out. And the Drive feature offers our customers the experience they would get from any major heavy weight file management platforms like Google or Microsoft.  

Apart from the major releases we also add minor enhancements to existing features and improve the performance very regularlyYou can stay up-to-date with our monthly release updates 

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Saravana Kumar


Saravana Kumar is the Founder/CEO of Document360, a SaaS platform that helps your team create, collaborate, and publish a self-service knowledge base for your software product/project with ease.

Saravana Kumar

Sep 14, 2020