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How to streamline documentation processes using workflow?

The Workflow feature in Document360 help manage the knowledge base documentation by implementing an internal business process. With workflow, Document360 creates checkpoints at various stages throughout the documentation lifecycle and helps track an article/category page from the initial draft (New article) to a published article. 

The workflow in Document360 project has been split into two components: 

Workflow designer: The workflow designer enables project admin to create and maintain a step-by-step stage for any new or existing documentation. This makes collaboration easier between the writers, editors, illustrator, subject matter experts, and other project team members. 

Workflow Assignment: The workflow assignment gives you an overview of all the necessary information of the knowledge base project and the articles assigned to the user’s profile. Users may see the number of articles in each process state at any moment. 

Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer: Workflow 

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