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How to optimize your knowledge base article for SEO

Document360 supports numerous On-page and Technical SEO functionalities to enhance the visibility of your knowledge base on search engines. 

It supports article-level SEO. In the SEO settings, you can add Title, description & Slug to your articles to improve search ranking. Other functionalities include internal linking and fixing broken links (404 links) using the link status analytic feature. 

It also works on a project level and automatically builds a sitemap for search engines to index your site. The robot.txt file helps search engine crawlers to index or not index pages based on our requirement for our documentation site. You can also configure article redirect rules for any published URL which comes in handy when you change a specific article’s URL, and the same article URL has been referenced in different articles in your knowledge base. 


Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer to: Article SEO

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