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How to integrate Document360 knowledge base with Intercom

With the Document360 intercom integration, you can now provide real-time help to your users. Intercom and Document360 can be used together to give real-time support for your website visitors by searching for and sharing articles (links or article content) from your Document360 knowledge base within the Intercom messenger

After successfully installing the app in your workspace, you will need an API key to complete the configuration. Return to the Document360 site and complete the steps outlined below to receive this API key.

API key generation on Document360

  1. Click on Settings → Knowledge base portal → Extensions
  2. Under the Helpdesk tab, you can find the Intercom widget
  3. Click on the (+) to generate a unique API token
  4. Click on the copy icon next to the generated token
  5. Paste the copied API token in Intercom to complete the integration

Setting up Intercom messenger on Document360:

  1. Once you have acquired the Intercom App ID, copy it
  2. Head back to Document360 dashboard, go to Settings → Knowledge base site → Integrations
  3. Click on Add new integration button on the top
  4. Select Intercom from the list of integration options available
  5. In the description, field enter a name or any text
  6. In the Intercom ID field paste the copied app ID
  7. Click Add


Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer: Intercom Extension

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