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Feature Update: What’s New in Article Redirect Rules

Article redirect rules allow you to edit existing URLs without breaking links. It comes in handy when you change a specific article’s URL, and the same article URL has been referenced in different articles in your knowledge base.

Whats’s New:

Automate Bulk urls redirects using a csv file template and list your source and destination url along with redirection type.

Set up an article redirect rule

  1. From the knowledge base portal, go to Settings → Knowledge base site → Article redirect rules
  2. You can find the list of previously added Article URL redirect rules (if any)
  3. Click New direct and a Redirect rule blade appears
  4. Select the desired redirect type

   a. Ends with: To set redirection rule for an article

   b. Replace with: To set redirection rule for the URL text between the domain name and article slug

Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer to: Article Redirect Rules

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