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About Traceable is a context-aware API security platform that discovers organization’s APIs, evaluates their risk and threat posture, and stops API attacks that lead to incidents such as data exfiltration. It also provides analytics for threat hunting and forensic research. Their solutions help organizations discover, manage, and secure APIs, quickly deploy, and easily scale to meet their ongoing needs.

Business Requirement required a publicly accessible platform to host their product user documentation including “how to use” guides, installation guides, core product documentation, and latest release notes. They required the platform to have a simple-to-navigate user interface that can be easily updated because of a small writing team.

Traceable was earlier using tools like and later Gitbook to host their documentation, but faced challenges with them, such as:

  • The tools were found to be more suited to software developers rather than technical writers
  • Both tools have minimal template options for the landing page, which limits their flexibility to customize

Solution, after evaluating a few tools in the knowledge management space, opted for Document360 to host their product documentation. The following features made it a good fit:

  • The customizable landing page makes the documentation site look like a website.
  • The mixed access feature has allowed the site to be publicly accessible currently but gives them the option of putting some information under log-in access in the future.
  • The discussion window allows people to provide feedback on an article and maintains the feedback thread for future reference.
  • Every user involved in a project gets a notification, every time an update has been made
  • The intuitive user interface makes the site easily navigable for customers, which gives the sales team the confidence to share links to the site
  • The code view gives additional flexibility to the writer to customize the content formatting.
  • Rich metrics provide insights into which countries use the documentation site the most, and whether numbers are increasing in certain regions
  • Allows import of articles from any format or keying it in directly using HTML editor or Markdown editor
  • Option to provide access to users to sometimes review a single article at a time

Ambuj Lal, the founding engineer at, says

Document360 has made our documentation site popular among our internal marketing and sales teams, because it helps them stay abreast of changes or upcoming updates in a product or feature

Business Impact

Lal says their extremely easy-to-use and extensive documentation site has over the years become an extremely efficient marketing tool for the management to show off the company’s knowledge and capabilities.

We have closed two to three customers by showing them the product documentation site because it made them trust our product and its resources

The sales team also reports saving time with customers because they can now just send a link to the site to new customers with questions.

Conclusion has used its documentation site to not only update internal staff and customers on the latest updates but also use it as a platform to showcase product capabilities. It has also helped them achieve their core philosophy of using documentation as a marketing tool rather than just customer self-service.

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