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About Researchbods

Researchbods vision is to blend technology and sharp thinking to bring customers and brands closer – enabling fast, smart and informed decisions. Researchbods offer a platform that delivers real-time consumer insights with speed and agility, using modules such as online communities, surveys and dashboards.

The business needs

Researchbods wish to share their product information with clients to enhance their self-serve solution. There is also a business requirement for building an internal knowledge base for their staff so that they have access to more advanced articles to help their clients.

The purpose of the internal knowledge base is:

  • To share their standard operating procedures and troubleshooting guides. Standard operating procedures help to onboard service desk staff and help them serve their customers. Knowledge consolidation helps to provide clarity to their staff on their business process, thus providing consistent customer service.
  • To utilize their internal product documentation offering in-app product help within their suite of products.
  • As a white label solution that can customize the knowledge base to a client’s brand guidelines.


Document360 was chosen as a solution for building their internal knowledge base. Researchbods utilizes Document360’s knowledge base assistant to offer in-app product help to their clients. The knowledge base assistant has been configured to provide contextual help of their product depending on where their clients are inside their product.

Researchbods is currently utilizing readers groups to tailor the right content to the right set of their internal staff. They utilize Home page builder to brand their home page and knowledge base to suit their brand, thus providing the best customer experience. The internal (private) knowledge base site is accessed by their internal staff via the web using secured logins.

Researchbods utilizes agile documentation methodology to build high-quality documentation that meets their client’s needs. Their documentation tasks are followed-up in an agile task board (that captures all requirements) to ensure their documentation articles are ready for product release.

When a customer support ticket comes through for which there is no relevant knowledge base article, then it gets logged into documentation backlogs. A new article is either created or old articles are updated as per the customer feedback.

Business impact

There is currently only two staff on the service desk doing multiple roles while managing their service desk. Their internal knowledge base has helped them to cross-train staff from other departments to provide customer support if required. This helped those two staff focus more on product management and high-priority tasks. The improvements have accelerated their business transformation journey in serving customers better with less human capital.

The benefits of their internal knowledge base lead to:

  • Onboarding new staff quickly so that they can be trained in customer service and acquire product knowledge. As Researchbods scales its business and operation, utilizing its internal knowledge helps to onboard new staff (via training) and provide dedicated support to their customers.
  • Consistent customer support as all internal staff adopts their standard operating procedures.
  • The knowledge base acts as a product documentation and training center simultaneously.

Closing line

Mark Cattlin’s team utilizes Document360’s editor features to author content and undertake a simple peer-review process before publication. Mark says:

Document360’s knowledge base assistant and contextual help feature are amazing to use and allow us to offer in-app product assistance to our clients.

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