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Human and chatbot can optimize your customer support

How Human & Chatbots can optimize your customer support

Category: Customer Support

Last updated on Jun 18, 2024

68% of customers will pay more for products and services from a company with a strong record of good customer service. But what about 32%? Are they not satisfied with customer support? or do they have any bad experience with it?

There are hundreds of questions that revolve around the mind whenever we have to interact with the customer support team. Customers want personalized and on-the-spot responses, they don’t want to stand in a queue and wait to take over a human agent after an hour. Surely, customer support agents have a lot to handle and it’s impossible to reach every second customer in a minute.

That’s why a sought-after tool “chatbot” is a life savior for the customer support agents. Many leading companies can acquire more customers and satisfy their needs by providing automated chat support that can help everyone and every time without being tired.

Do you know what a chatbot is!

A chatbot is a conversational interface that provides chat automation to interact with humans and understand the human language without any hassle. A chatbot can be a great replacement for a repetitive task of humans they perform each day with efficient knowledge. They are intelligent and can work 24/7/365.

Chabot assistance

Source: Acquire

Industries can take advantage of this technology for the major functions of the businesses such as customer support, marketing, and selling. But mainly you can see chatbot in the customer support and then after you can find a chatbot to make your customer convinced to buy your products and make a streamlined way to sell it in just a few taps away. With natural language processing, chatbots configure and understand the human language and perform an action according to customers’ needs.

From getting information, placing an order to accepting payment, it is all in one. Chatbots have different skill sets that make them capable and worthwhile tools for almost every industry. Let see how advantageous it is:

24×7 Auto-Support

It is reported that businesses lost 75% of customers due to waiting time. Let your customer initiate with auto chat and get them in a second, at least at the first stage. The chatbot can be present all round the clock to make your customers’ entertain throughout the day. People prefer texting platforms over calls or other sources of communication with companies to get instant connectivity. The chatbot can help you out to reach every customer no matter where they are, they get answers and information about your product in a while.

customer initiate with auto chat

Potential Lead Generation

Many SaaS tools you can use to capture leads like authentic emails and basic information of the customers, but what if you can get it as a compliment or for free? The chatbot can gather the basic information to your customers whenever they interact with the chatbot for queries or you can customize it by embedding the conversational form that is more convenient and less irritated. 

Speaks Multiple Languages

Unlike humans, chatbots can speak different languages to communicate with your customers around the world. You can find this feature in different chatbot platforms where they can make your customized bot in your preferred language. This is where a chatbot beats human customer support agents.

Personalized Customer Experience

When you treat someone good, they’ll treat you better. Nothing is more important than making your customer satisfied and seeing them become potential customers. Maintain your decorum by providing instant support without neglecting anyone because chatbot can treat your customers well without getting frustrated and provide a personalized experience for better engagement.

Easy Accessibility

A chatbot is an attractive way to make your customer aware of all your products and services. The chatbot would love to connect people and it is easy to access almost everyone who came to the website or other messaging app that can make a bridge between the company & customers. Monitoring your chatbot is not a big deal, so you get insights into your bot performance without any struggle.

Collect Feedback

Once your customer is done with chatting via chatbot, you can simply take feedback without bothering them. You can make a conversational feedback form to collect feedback in real-time. Although the chatbots are too intelligent to handle, you get a point to improve the areas that are affected and surely you can deliver a better experience after then.


Hiring a pool of human resources just to perform repetitive tasks is not worthwhile. You can cut down your cost by almost half and get lots of features in just one chatbot. Like multilingual chatbots, multiple platforms, record and analytics, media elements, and much more in just one frame of the chatbot.

After all the benefits of the chatbot, maybe you think there is no need for humans, a big no. Humans are essential as they were before and chatbot just reduces their workload and cost-effective software that runs operations efficiently and effectively.

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Let’s see how you can utilize humans & chatbots at the same time!

Live Chat Assistance

A live chat is a solution where the chatbot is not working, only human-to-human conversation is allowed. There is still a corner where people don’t need chatbots but they prefer human agents. To satisfy them, you need humans with the same intent to optimize the customer experience.

live chat assistance customer satisfaction rating

Source: SuperOffice CRM

Easy Takeover on Video Call

You can find video chat in many chatbot builder platforms where they make a human takeover is the easiest thing. Customers can opt for different sources to connect the firm and you need to open all the doors at once. Video call is the better option to keep your customer engaged and prove yourself a trustworthy organization. It helps the customer to make decisions and provides a great experience of assistance throughout the buying journey.

Integrating Chatbot with Right Knowledge base

Chatbots need to be taught to respond to queries. They need a large amount of data to pick the query and answer instantly just like humans do.

For this, the chatbots should be integrated with the right knowledge base that allows users to easily and instantly access the information they need without chatting with the support agents. This will help the company reduce the workload on support agents and keep customers happy.

Document360 allows integration with other chatbot apps to increase the efficiency of customer support when a visitor visits your page.

On & Off Bot Training

The AI-powered chatbot is itself made by humans and on and off chatbots need the training to get up-to-date for your customers. Humans are the only source that can provide all the product information and make chatbot a smart and well-informative platform that can represent a platform successfully and impressively in front of your customers.

Human Takeover for Complex Query

Sometimes chatbots can hit with uncertain queries and to cater to this, human agents come over and provide instant support. If you train the bot more frequently with complex queries, it is possible to not panic, and easy to take over humans can save your back.

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Bottom Line

The inescapable fact is that if your company is not open at all hours, you will most likely lose any of your clients to your competitors. It is time to live life rather than to resolve repetitive queries on the same day as your customers. Your human agents can invest their precious time to do other tasks to meet the objective of the company’s goal. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies offer customer service. Bots are increasingly being used in customer experience campaigns. You can get instantaneous updates and reduce the likelihood of two-way human intervention by using customer service chatbots. As a result, operating costs are reduced, and customer loyalty is increased.

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Apr 27, 2021

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