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How to build a multilingual knowledge base

Document360 allows you to build Multilingual Knowledge Base to enhance user experience in the foreign market and engage with new customer base across the globe. A localized knowledge base would constitute of the functionalities, articles, and controls in the respective language. This would mean the content is either just translated from the original language or content is modified to better suit the target audience. The graphics, colors, and the aesthetics of your pages, fonts and images can also be modified. 

To add multiple languages to single version of the project follow these simple steps 

  1. From the project Dashboard go to Settings 
  2. From the Project Admin menu select Localization & Versions 
  3. You can find the default version and language of the project 
  4. Click on the edit icon 🖉on the right 
  5. Click on Add new language and select the languages you require, click Apply 
  6. Now all the categories and articles from your default language would be available in the new languages. But these articles and categories have to be manually translated, using machine translation (HTML editor only), or with integration like Crowdin 
  7. You can also use the more options ••• icon adjacent to the language, you can set any language as default from English 

Check out Document360 today and localize your knowledge base for international business 

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