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zapier integration in document360_knowledge_base

How to use Zapier Integration to Connect your Apps with Document360

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Dec 13, 2021

Document360 is a robust knowledge base software solution that allows you to create helpful documentation for your users. 

Document360 works best when connected to your other apps for more streamlined workflows. We have recently completed an integration with Zapier, which is an online platform for automation that connects Document360 with other third-party tools and applications. Zapier works by creating automated workflows called Zaps which launch based on actions and triggers. 

We have worked hard to launch a number of Zapier integrations that can be easily configured with your Document360 account. 

Benefits of Zapier

If you’re not using Zapier already, you’re missing out on the numerous benefits that this automation tool can offer you. 

  • Saves a lot of time – Many businesses operate with a wide range of manual tasks, transferring data from one application to another in an extremely inefficient manner. Zapier allows you to connect your apps to transfer the data automatically, triggering workflow automations that remove the chance of human error. 
  • Helps scale your business – Growing businesses operate with a large number of manual tasks but reviewing your processes and using Zapier to streamline them allows your business to scale efficiently. Staff have more opportunities to focus on core business activities and be more creative. 
  • Replace manual administration tasks – Staff spend a lot of time on manual administration tasks which are often an inefficient waste of time. Manually adding information to a spreadsheet or transferring data into a CRM are all tasks that could be automated with Zapier. 

Take a look at this short video to understand all about integrating the Document360 Knowledge base with Zapier

Now, we’ll move on to the Zapier integrations that Document360 offers. 

Google Docs and Document360

Document360 google docs_ workflow

Google Docs is a document management platform that you can use to create a variety of documents in the smart editor. You can create, access and manage your documents from a variety of platforms and collaborate on your documents with others. 

The benefits of this Zap means you can carbon copy content from Google Docs into your Document360 knowledge base. 

You can add your documents created in Google Docs as Document360 knowledge base articles. You could complete this process manually but it’s made much easier using the Document360 and Google Docs Zapier integration. 

Each time you create a document in the connected folder on Google Docs, an exact copy of a draft article is added to your Document360 knowledge base in the selected category. The content of your Google Doc is imported into the draft article. 

Google Drive and Document360

document360 google drive workflow

Google Drive is a file storage system that stores your documents on a cloud-based platform, allowing you to edit from any device at any time. You can upload your documents in a secure connection and collaborate on your documents with others. 

You can use this Zap to automatically share data between Document360 and Google Drive

You might find yourself in a scenario where you want to store your Document360 knowledge base articles in your Google Drive. Instead of manually copying and pasting all your articles over, you can use a Zapier integration to connect Document360 with Google Drive and automatically save a copy of each new article to Drive. 

Whenever a new article is created in Document360, a Zap runs automatically to create a version in Google Drive. 

Google Sheets and Document360

Document360 Googlesheet workflow

Google Sheets is online spreadsheet software that you can use to work collaboratively with others. Organizations use spreadsheets for collecting and organizing data, and multiple users can work on and edit the spreadsheets in real-time. 

A Google Sheets and Document360 integration means you can save time from copying and pasting data between the two applications. 

When you are using Document360, you might want to keep track of your new knowledge base articles in a spreadsheet. Instead of manually copying the data, you can use Zapier to make an entry in the respective Google Sheet so you can keep a log of all the articles in your knowledge base. 

When your Zapier integration is set up, a team member adds a new article in Document360 and a new row is added in the connected Google Sheet. The article title and the created date are added in consecutive rows. 

Trello and Document360

documnet360 trello workflow

Trello is a team collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. From a simple glance at Trello, the platform tells you what it is being worked on, who’s working on what, and when something is in progress. Data is organized into cards, which are stored in lists on your Trello boards. 

Automate workflow and project monitoring by integrating Trello with Document360

When working on a Document360 project, you might want to keep track of your knowledge base articles on a Trello board. Every time a new article is published in Document360, you can use Trello to add a new card to your Trello board. 

After you have successfully created a Zap and configured it, each time an article is published on your connected Document360 project by any team member a new card is added. It will contain all the attributes of the article such as content, contributor, publish date and any other information you have configured on the Zap. 

GitHub and Document360

document360 github worflow

GitHub is a code repository hosting service that also offers a web-based graphical interface, access control, and several other collaboration features. Companies and individuals use GitHub to work on software projects collaboratively and socially network with other programmers. 

Integrating GitHub with Document360 means you can keep track of code contributions from your developers. 

When working with GitHub, you might want to add an article to Document360 whenever a developer commits some code. By setting up a successful Zapier integration you can ensure that all commits made in GitHub result in a new knowledge base article. 

When setting up your Zap, you simply choose the repository that you want to work with and also the branch to pull the commits from. 

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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Jira Service Management and Document360

document360 jira workflow

Jira Service Management is help desk software that allows customers to manage their customer support tickets. Jira makes it easy for help desk agents to organize, prioritize and resolve requests so all customer tickets are dealt with in a timely fashion. 

Keep track of every new ticket and document it with a Document360 and Jira integration

If you’re using Jira Service Management you might want to create a new article in Document360 every time a new ticket is opened in Jira. Using Zapier integrations, you can set this up to happen automatically to facilitate the content flow between these two platforms. 

Whenever a new ticket is created in Jira Service Management the Zap runs automatically to create an article in Document360. 

Confluence Server and Document360

Document360 confluence server workflow

Confluence is where you create, discuss, and collaborate on work with your team. Teams can use Confluence to manage projects and make quick decisions. Dynamic pages allow your teams to create, capture, and collaborate on any project or idea, while spaces enable your team to structure, organize and share work. 

Easily create and collaborate on content with a Confluence and Document360 integration

If you’re working with Confluence then you might want to create a new article in Document360 every time a new page is published in Confluence. With Zapier integrations you can automate this process. 

When you set up your Zap, it runs automatically to create a corresponding knowledge base article in Document360 every time you publish a new page in Confluence. 

Zoho CRM and Document360

document360 zoho crm workflow

Zoho CRM is Customer Relationship Management software that allows you to manage your company’s relationships with all potential and existing customers. You can identify, nurture, and follow up on quality leads, while giving key decision makers insight into accurate data. 

When creating a new lead in Zoho CRM, you might want to create a corresponding knowledge base article in Document360 to store information about that contact. 

After you set up your Zapier integration, whenever a new lead source is added to Zoho CRM the Zap runs automatically to set up an article in Document360. 

Pipedrive and Document360

document360 pipedrive workflow

Pipedrive is Customer Relationship Management software designed to help small teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. Using Pipedrive, salespeople can focus on actions that close deals. It provides salespeople with full visibility of different sales pipelines and alerts them when they need to follow up with a contact. 

Maximize your CRM investments by integrating Pipedrive with Document360

If you’re using Pipedrive as your sales platform then you might want to create a new knowledge base article in Document360 every time a new lead is added to Pipedrive. 

When you set up your Zapier integration, a Zap runs to create a new Document360 article every time a new deal is added to Pipedrive. 

Hubspot and Document360

document360 hubspot workflow

Hubspot is a full platform for marketing, sales, customer service and CRM software that helps businesses to grow. You get the best use of Hubspot when you use all their software solutions together to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. 

You can grow your business with marketing automation by integrating Hubspot with Document360

When a new support ticket is created in Hubspot, you want an automated task to check whether their internal knowledge base contains any related articles to help you resolve that support ticket. Otherwise, you want to create a new knowledge base article to fix the knowledge gap.

If you set up a Zapier integration, whenever a new ticket is created in Hubspot a Zap runs automatically to publish a new article in Document360. 

Final remarks

As you can see, Document360 offers powerful integrations with third-party apps through Zapier. No coding is required to set up these automation and they have the potential to save you untold amounts of time and effort. 

Don’t use your knowledge base software alone. Take advantage of these Zapier integrations to get more out of your solution.

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An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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