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Experience our Modern API Documentation in Document360

Introducing Document360’s API Documentation to elevate developer experience with Documentation. Document360 allows your businesses to create comprehensive documentation that includes everything a developer needs to know about the API, including its endpoints, parameters, and response codes. With this feature, you can create high-quality API documentation that helps your users understand and consume your APIs effectively.

With Document360 you can create API documentation by the following steps:

  1. Access the API documentation module in Document360 project
  2. Click + New API reference
  3. Select the desired upload method
  4. Upload the API specification file
  5. Publish the articles

To generate the API documentation, you need the API specification file. You can upload the API specification file as a URL, JSON, or YAML file. There are two methods to upload it:

  • Upload as an URL
  • Upload as a JSON or YAML file

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