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Business Background

Mindful is a leading customer experience platform specializing in a range of solutions including intelligent callback solutions and surveys. Their intelligent callback solution ensures customers get a callback instead of being made to hold. Their survey platform can deliver surveys across any platform or multiple platforms, including SMS, web, voice calls etc.

Business Requirement

Mindful required a knowledge base to host all their reference guides, how-to guides, troubleshooting guides, API documentation, and release notes. While their reference guides document everything that can be seen or interacted with their user interface (UI), their how-to guides target articles on how to do specific tasks. Mindful’s training team also links or uploads videos of some training sessions for both customers and internal staff.

The documentation tool Mindful was using before Document360 posed some challenges including

  • The cloud editor which automatically injects elements like adding a div (division tag) where it does not belong, adding style tags that were not required, and making unwelcome stylistic changes. This led to knowledge managers continually going into the HTML to clean up elements that the editor unintentionally added.
  • The platform lacked a categories section and a powerful search engine. Thus, navigating the platform was an issue. People had to open a section and continue digging deeper to find the information they sought, which consumed a lot of time.

Mindful’s documentation team first came across Document360 when they acquired a survey platform that was using Document360 for their documentation.

David Ingram, Senior Technical Writer at Mindful by Medallia, says

When we first experienced Document360 we fell in love with the platform. We loved the fact that we had full control of the Custom CSS, so no artificial elements were being added. The sidebar menu also made the entire knowledge base open on a single screen.


Once Mindful team decided to migrate its content out of its earlier platform, they evaluated a few knowledge base platforms in the market. However, they found Document360 much more flexible and affordable than other enterprise solutions in the market. The main capabilities in Document360 that help Mindful manage its robust, easy, and visually appealing knowledge base are:

Custom CSS and Javascript: Full control of the CSS ensured that no extra design or text elements were added. It also allowed the Mindful team to customize or add any required elements. For example, at some point, they required expandable accordions. Though Document360 did not have it, the Mindful team could go into the Javascript and create it themselves.

Categories: The sidebar menu allows users to get a glance of the entire content in the knowledge base with a few clicks, allowing them to find the information faster.

AI-Powered Search engine:The powerful search engine allows users to find the information they want in seconds, attracting them to use the knowledge base more often.

Ability to attach images and videos: The ability to add images and videos

Data analytics: It helps them monitor increased usage and if articles about a specific topic draw more attention.

Dave says

If we see a new article garnering a lot of views, we go tell the concerned team that the project, feature or update they released is doing really well. We then pair it with Google Analytics to see how many searches it brings to the site.

Business Impact

Dave says,

Since we migrated our knowledge base to Document360, we are seeing our knowledge base site being heavily used by both internal and external users. Internal users are choosing to visit Document360 rather than their own stack of documentation.

The customer support team has also begun sharing document links with customers more often than they used to. The Mindful by Medallia team also uses the site to onboard people and customers.


To Mindful for Medallia, which was looking for a platform that allowed easy and flexible content management while ensuring that it had a practical, visually appealing front end, Document360 was a perfect tool. With its customization options, Mindful could ensure the Documentation appeared exactly how it wanted it to, leading to an enhanced user experience.

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