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Zoho Knowledge Base Software Alternatives You Should Consider

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Last updated on Mar 13, 2023

If you’re reading this, you are most likely familiar with Zoho or some of its products.

Zoho is a leading web-based online office suite that offers a number of functions, including but not limited to customer relationship management (CRM), finance, conference calling, and office tools to name a few. They also offer a knowledge base software to help build a content repository that educates customers and alleviates the strain on help desks.

However, being an industry leader and a recognizable name doesn’t always mean the product or service being offered has to be the best on the market. Often leaders are just that because they got to market earlier than their competitors, or had a large corporate backing.

A good knowledge base is an organized library of information with the intention of aiding customers to help themselves, by finding the answers to the issue or challenge they have come across without the need to contact a help desk or support service. If done well, its difference to your business should be very noticeable. Around 45% of companies offering self-service help report an increase in site traffic and a decrease in phone calls.

Not all knowledge base software is created equally. When making the best choice for your business, you need to consider your needs and ultimate goal. Functionality variations may seem trivial when shopping around but could make a big difference when it comes to your internal productivity and the ease with which customers are able to find and understand knowledge solutions.

So if you’re looking for Zoho Knowledge Base alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken an in-depth look into the different knowledge base software options available today and highlighted key differences, as well as strengths that make them a great alternative.

Top 5 Zoho Knowledge Base Software Alternatives

1. Document360

Document360 homepage

Document360 is a self-service knowledge base platform for your technical software that can help your business to create, collaborate, and publish articles and information for both your customers and your end users.

They understand that building a knowledge base can be a daunting task, and so the software boasts a rich collection of features including, a hierarchical category management system, version control, Markdown support, brand customization, and security features to protect your data to name just a few. Document360 is also able to migrate your existing knowledge base over from over 100 other websites; taking the stress out of losing any data when upgrading to a different software.

When compared with Zoho Knowledge Base Software, Document360 is able to offer complex tools built specifically to fulfill the needs of developers and technical writers. If you’re looking to create a self-service knowledge base that’s detailed and comprehensive, Document360 can support you every step of the way.

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2. FreshDesk


FreshDesk is a cloud-based omnichannel helpdesk and knowledge base software that can help you to streamline your customer support conversations across all channels, such as phone, chat, email, and social media. Its included knowledge base tools can help you start building a database of information for your customers to start referencing as soon as possible.

And FreshDesk really is just that; fresh. Its simple and intuitive design makes it easier to look at than its competitors and allows for smooth transitions between users and channels. This means it’s easy to train new members of staff and allows your employees to work faster and with greater effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective Zoho alternative that’s easy to set up, FreshDesk might be a good place to start.

3. TeamSupport


TeamSupport is an online helpdesk support software, built purposely for B2B. This means it’s great for the more technical businesses, looking to support their professional consumers as productively as possible.

Its features boast an omnichannel helpdesk ticketing system, integrated customer database, SLA management, and fully customizable reporting. But perhaps its most enviable feature is its round-the-clock 24/7 customer service that allows your customers to engage with your business, even when you’re not there! If you include the live chat, with an auto-responding feature and bot triggers, TeamSupport might be the perfect tool if you’re looking to create a self-sustaining knowledge base and help desk. Especially when you consider that by 2020, 85% of the customer-company relationship will be managed with no human interaction.

The cost of TeamSupport is slightly more than others on this list, but depending on your business needs, its unique features might just justify the pricing.

4. Salesforce Essentials


If you’re familiar with Salesforce as a CRM, then Salesforce Essentials might speak for itself.

Essentials work as part of an all-in-one hub for your sales and customer support management, meaning there is no need to worry about complex IT assistance to set up, and you don’t have to worry about external integrations talking to each other and risking data loss. Its features not only include standard help desk tools, but it also comes equipped with basic CRM, sales automation, and business intelligence tools. This means you are able to manage your operations in one central location.

Other standout benefits of using Salesforce Essentials include self-service features such as the ability to build a technical knowledge base, FAQs, and even a public forum option so your customers can ask questions and suggest fixes and improvements. 

If you’re a small business looking to test the waters before diving in head-first, you might find Salesforce Essentials is a good place to start thanks to its easy setup and built-in CRM.

5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


If you’re looking for simpler helpdesk features with none of the frills of Zoho Knowledge Base, you might want to consider ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

Its very generously priced helpdesk-only package gives you unlimited tickets, technician accounts, and end users, so you don’t have to worry if your customer support starts small and suddenly blooms. From the basic package, you can build from the ground up and benefit only from the features you actually need, such as codeless customization, reporting, automation, and integrations.

If you’re unsure about your requirements and want to start small, ManageEngine Service Desk Plus is an excellent way to do just that and lets you expand in your own time with no looming costs.

Before you start shopping around for alternatives to Zoho Knowledge Base Software, make sure you have a good idea of how your business wants to tackle its online help and support services. As we’ve already demonstrated above, each software boasts unique features that may be seen as particularly beneficial to your customer’s needs or alternatively may seem completely useless.

Knowledge base software can be a costly investment, especially if provided at a large scale. It may be beneficial to talk to your existing customers to understand where they struggle and how they prefer to be offered solutions to their problems. You can then apply this information to your decision process.

Remember, 70% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers. If you’re looking to fill this gap and see a return on investment through productivity and reputation, it’s not a decision to take lightly. Your consumers will appreciate the online help services available to them and compare them to your competitors before buying. The best customer support asks for not only the best tools but the right tools for your audience.

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