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Must-Attend Technical Writing Conferences of 2024

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Last updated on Dec 28, 2023

Whether you are a seasoned technical writer or a newcomer to the field, attending conferences and professional development events is critical for growth. Such events help you upskill yourself, keep up with current trends in the technical writing and documentation field, and, most importantly, network with other peers. In this blog, we aim to give you a comprehensive overview of the top conferences you can look forward to attending as a technical writer happening across the globe. Get ready to mark them on your calendar.

Top 12 Conferences Every Technical Writer Should Attend

While there are plenty of technical writing community meetups and events across the globe, we recommend short-listing the ones you would like to attend based on the value you plan to derive from them. While some showcase new technology in the field, others focus purely on upskilling and writing methodology. So, let us look at the top-rated conferences right away!

1. Convex: April 8-10, 2024: Minneapolis

Convex Minneapolis Conference


Convex promises to be an immersive experience for content developers. Their 3-day conference plans to offer technical writers a wealth of ideas and information to support their efforts in defining and executing a comprehensive content strategy.

Writers attending the conference will be able to learn more about content management, ways to improve the visibility of their content, the latest technology and tools that assist in content creation and management, and, most importantly, network with top industry representatives.

The conference promises more than 15 sessions daily, making it an extremely valuable conference for technical writers and Documentation experts.

  • Registration for the event is priced at $1,395.


2. Write the Docs: April 14-16, 2024: Portland


Write the Docs 2024 conference

Write the Docs is one of the USA’s largest communities of people involved in software documentation. Their annual conferences are attended by programmers, tech writers, customer support, designers, project managers, product managers, developer advocates, and literally anyone else who cares about product or service documentation. Around 400 people usually attend this conference.

They have innovative sessions like “Writing Day,” where you can get other attendees to work on a project you have in mind, or you get to show off a tool you have discovered. If you don’t have either, you can join someone else’s project or discover new tools as a writer, which helps you improve your core writing skills.

There are also a lot of opportunities to brainstorm in their “lightning talks” and “unconference” sessions, where you can speak about any topic you want by scheduling it. This helps you expand your network and learn about topics you love or are passionate about.

  • Tickets are priced from $100 for students and $600 for corporate employees.

3. STC summit—May 13 & 16, 2024, Atlanta USA

STC Summit conference and expo

The Technical Communication conference and expo include education sessions, pre-conference workshops, keynotes, vendor showcases, networking opportunities, and entertainment and social events. Attendees will get the opportunity to meet and listen to experts who are shaping technical communicators’ work. Speakers include celebrated authors, industry pioneers, and leaders from well-known companies.

It is a great conference for anyone involved in technical communication, from technical writers to content strategists and information architects to user advocates. The sessions are in-depth on topics like how writers can use open API for documentation, how to use data to inform your decisions, etc.

While most technical communications conferences may have a narrow focus, the STC summit is broad, with its depth reflecting the diversity of technical communication.

  • The registration fee for this conference is $1,300.

4. LavaCon—October 27-30, Oregon, Portland, USA

Lavacon 2024 conference

LavaCon specializes in content strategy by inviting content professionals to share their best practices and lessons learned. The benefit of attending LavaCon is that it is highly focused on content strategy, Content metrics, Authoring tools and more. So, most sessions are extremely in-depth, and strategists gain a lot of knowledge.

For example, last year’s LavaCon focussed on “Creating Enterprise Content Strategies” and had 70 sessions on planning, managing, and implementing content initiatives. To give you an idea of the sessions you may see this year, last year’s sessions included “Convergence of MarComm and TechComm”, Headless Content Management, and more.

  • Tickets to this conference are priced at $2,450, but early bird registrations allow you to take a colleague or your boss along for free.

5. Tcworld—November 5 to 7, Stuttgart, Germany

tcworld conference

The Tcworld conference is one of the world’s largest gatherings of technical writers, with anywhere between 4,000 to 6,000 writers from across Europe, Eurasia, and the USA attending it. With writers and speakers flying in from all over the world, it allows every attendee to get updated with the latest updates, events, and technology being implemented in their industry in any country.

The three-day conference usually features more than 200 specialist lectures, meetups, workshops, and presentations by exhibitors and stalls. There are also lively and fun evening events and discussion forums. Parts of this event can be attended online too. As an exhibitor or product owner looking to create brand awareness, this is one of the largest audiences you can access in a single location.

  • Tickets to this event are priced at €580 for online and €940 upwards.

6. MEGAComm 2024—February 7-8, 2024

MEGAComm Conference

This conference, mainly meant for technical Communicators, translators, and Content managers, is attended by around 200 of them from in and around Israel. The sessions are largely focused on documentation. You can expect to attend sessions about visual testing of documentation and polishing your API Documentation and CommonMark Tips &Tricks. 2024 will be the 18th year this popular conference is conducted.

Considering Tel Aviv is one of the startup capitals in the world, it’s a great event to understand the direction in which the documentation industry in Israel is moving, industry requirements, challenges, and, of course, networking!

  • The MEGAComm event can be attended online, too. Tickets are priced between $280 and $415.

7. CPSTC—October 18-19, 2024, Menomonie, Wisconsin

Organized by the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication, the conference is meant for all scientific and technical writers who specialize in writing and publishing scientific and research papers and will be held in Menomonie, Wisconsin, this year. The conference sees a lot of exciting research papers being presented—which include poster presentations, workshops, panel presentations, and individual presentations.

This conference is meant more for students looking at tools and ways to plan their paper and poster presentations. It will also include many sessions on business, science, and technology writing for specialized magazines and journals in those fields.

  • The ticket prices for this conference have not been released yet.

8. Tekom Europe

Tekom Europe mainly attracts technical writers and technical communicators who focus on different types of industries and roles, including software documentation, content for user manuals and brochures, etc. So, for those looking to explore newer avenues in technical writing, trying to pinpoint trends, wanting more information on specific skills, networking, or finding solutions together, Tekom’s conferences are a great way to start.

In 2024, Tekom will organize five European conferences focusing on technical communication and writing. The most popular among them is NORDIC TECHKOMM which is held between March 6-7 in Stockholm and then again in September in Copenhagen. NORDIC TECHKOMM gets international experts to convene to share best practices and present current ideas on User Experience. The conferences are attended by a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds ranging from technical writers and information designers to technical communication managers to content architects and many more.

They are also hosting TEKOM FRUHJAHRSTAGUNG, their spring conference, between April 11-12 in Freiburg and COMTECNICA in May 2024, which will be conducted in Italian.

The fifth conference in ETC-Evolution of TC in June 2024 in Sofia. ETC is an annual meeting point for all technical writers, focusing on software documentation. ETC is the only conference for technical communication in southeastern Europe. It is also attended by technical writers, information developers and technical translators with a software background.

  • Ticket prices are yet to be announced.

9. Soap! conference—June 5-7, Krakow, Poland

soap 2024 conference

Soap conference again targets content writers but plans to focus on numbers. This conference may be ideal for content managers. The sessions promise to cover a lot about the role of numbers in technical communications, such as demographics, stats, data analytics, salaries, content and team sizes, budgets, metrics, etc. They plan to prove that numbers matter as much as words in technical writing.

Some sessions will also cover data storytelling and how it could be used in customer documentation, making our content more data-driven, information architecture, etc. However, there will also be sessions on technical documentation, learning materials, use of video and graphics, UI and UX, etc.

  • The sale of tickets has not begun yet.

10. International Conference on Knowledge Discovery (ICKD)- March 8-10, 2024, Macao

ICKD 2024

The Faculty of Business—City University of Macau sponsors the International Conference on Knowledge Discovery. It aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from industry and academia to share their latest research findings and results.

They invite research papers on knowledge engineering theory and practice, soliciting proposals on new ideas and paradigms on knowledge management and engineering technologies. This conference is great for technical writers, communicators, documentation specialists, and documentation tool managers based in Asia.

Topics covered include text analysis and understanding, machine learning, privacy-preserving data mining, Interactive and Online Mining, and Knowledge Management.

  • Ticket prices start from $260.

11. API the docs—April 3, Virtual

apithedocs conference

API the docs conference will completely focus on API documentation, specifically on “How Generative AI has introduced fresh perspectives and dimensions to API documentation? How do you improve AI readiness within the organization? The conference will cover key trends shaping API documentation through practical examples and how organizations can adapt to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Some topics that will be discussed include How to adapt and improve API management strategy and data safety, compliance &API design, tools in practices, and new dimensions in API docs with generative AI.

The conference offers AI developers and API documentation experts many opportunities to participate in discussions, network, and educate themselves. This is the only conference that purely focuses on AI.

  • Ticket prices are yet to be announced.

12. Tcworld China—May 23-24, Shanghai, China

cworld china conference

Tcworld China, one of the country’s most popular events on technical communications, will be conducting its 10th conference this year. The event, with a tagline of “Smarter technology, better communication!” aims to unite national and international leaders, professionals, and partners in technical communication. TcWorld China will feature experts from within the country and abroad to share their experiences and best practices with solutions for China-specific challenges and the latest developments in the country’s technical communication industry.

This is a great conference for knowledge managers, technical writers, and documentation specialists working in China or in Chinese companies to attend.

  • Ticket prices for this event are yet to be determined.

Wrapping Up

Thus, the landscape of technical writing conferences in 2024 offers a diverse range of opportunities for seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Whether interested in content strategy or honing your AI focus, you can choose from plenty of conferences. So, save the dates, study the schedule carefully, and register early for the best ticket prices and sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the focus of the Society of Technical Communication Summit?

    The Society for Technical Communication (STC) Summit has a broad and inclusive focus. The Summit embraces the profession’s diversity. Technical writers, content strategists, information architects, and user advocates all find valuable insights and expertise.

  • Write the Docs conference is an annual conference about software documentation and community. It will involve sessions exploring the art and science of documentation. The conference is known for collaboration with open-source projects and networking.

  • API The Docs conference, a leading documentation conference in the API space, covers key trends shaping API documentation through practical examples. Useful for technologists involved in documentation, developer relations, marketing, and API team members involved in creating developer experiences.

  • The main objective of tcworld conferences is to bring technical writers and communicators from worldwide together to network, update themselves, and discuss the latest trends, developments, and challenges in technical writing and communication.

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