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Knowledge Base Extension - Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and Document360 – a match made in technology!

Microsoft Teams and Document360 – a match made in technology!

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Dec 14, 2021

Remote and Hybrid work is the most challenging aspect in every business especially due to COVID where the importance of collaboration has become the topmost priority. The pandemic outbreak has taught us 2 things: Nothing can replace human work and digitization was the need of the hour. We need to go hand in hand with both to empower our workforce.

Remote work is not possible without the cooperation of employees and at the same time we need the best software to enable smooth collaboration to try our best substitute for not meeting your work colleagues.

There were many advantages to remote work which the companies viewed especially given the continued pandemic situation and a year of lockdown in most of the countries.

Two major advantages which were provided by remote work:

Encourages employees to stay loyal to you

Working remote was most desired by the job seekers. According to Mom Corps, a flexible staffing firm, 42% of employees wanted to take a salary cut in order to have more flexible work options from their employers. The phenomena that employees are willing to agree with lower pay scale in exchange for the ability to work from home shows the value that employees place on work-life integration. With flexible work plans, employees tend to be happier, which increases loyalty to their companies.

Reduces Global warming and carbon emissions

Hubstaff recently surveyed 400 business owners on their pandemic insights and found that remote work helped prevent layoffs in 66% of companies, and 44% of companies expected remote work to increase profits. By not having to maintain a physical building, employers can dramatically cut costs of rent, office supplies, utilities, etc. and can reinvest cost savings for growth.

Advantages apart, Many people have started adopting private channels to support learning, workforce hiring and writing exams, given the uncertainty of the lockdown. Moreover, it also gives access to people across the world to access their workplace or institution from their respective homes. Virtual software was in high demand and popular collaboration tools were used along with. The tools that experienced tremendous growth in usage and purchase during this time were Microsoft Skype, Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Discord.

In the offices, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack experienced a sudden surge given the capability of such tools to adapt to scale. No matter where businesses are located, everybody wants to keep their employees and clients safe.

Since Microsoft Teams is used widely across offices in the US, collaboration is seamless and people get to set up appointments and meetings and chat with their teammates in one roof. Be it calling, chatting or anything, Teams does it all. Here comes a new challenge. How to share knowledge and ramp-up new hires? Is that possible on Teams?

Here comes Document360, the #1 rated knowledge base software that simplifies knowledge sharing. With the new Document360 and Teams integration, just click the D icon and search for a new article and share it across.



The AI-powered real-time search capabilities make knowledge sharing hassle-free and pull articles from every nook and corner of your knowledge base.

AI powered search in Teams-Document360

You can share your articles with your teammates by clicking on the Document360 widget and respond by continuing the same conversation thread to avoid breaking off the topic. By clicking the “+” button, add the articles by typing the keyword “article”. Enter the desired article you wish to attach for your teammates to read through. This lets you share the conversation with the knowledge base article for contextual collaboration.

Share your articles on teams -Document360

Additionally, You can ramp up new hires using Teams and Document360 by adding the required knowledge base articles and also attach links to videos and your articles enabling collaboration.

The Document360 and Microsoft Teams integrations is truly a match made in Integrations heaven that simplifies knowledge sharing, enables contextual collaboration instantly and seamlessly at the convenience of our house thus making remote and hybrid work environment function. 

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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Mar 17, 2021

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