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User Research for Technical Documentation


Corlynne O'Sullivan

Technical writing & user experience design consultant at Capgemini




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User Research can ensure accuracy in documentation. It elevates the customer experience, diminishes support expenses, and promotes customer loyalty.

In this session, Corlynne O’Sullivan, Technical Writer and User Experience Designer, Capgemini explores the UX framework – Double Diamond.

This framework can be used to validate your documentation with users.

Key takeaways

  • The double diamond framework comprises of four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.
  • During the discovery phase, you identify users and stakeholders and uncover insights through interviews and surveys. In addition, conduct secondary research to analyze the existing documentation pain points.
  • In the define phase, you may need to specify requirements and create a problem statement from gathered inputs. Collaborate with stakeholders to brainstorm and prioritize ideas based on user needs and business goals.
  • Transform the ideas into tangible documentation solutions in the development phase. Prepare multiple document versions, test, and iterate based on feedback from both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • It is important to validate prototypes with usability testing and finalize documentation based on users’ and stakeholders’ feedback in the delivery phase.
  • Furthermore, you need to establish a communication plan for documentation release and implement training sessions for support teams.
  • Ensure monitoring post-launch feedback and usage for continuous improvements.

About the Speaker

Corlynne O’Sullivan has diverse experience in content creation and user experience. Her expertise lies in technical documentation and UX writing. She takes pleasure in translating intricate subjects into comprehensible and accessible information, simplifying valuable knowledge for individuals to easily understand and apply.