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Importance of creating a multilingual knowledge base to serve a global audience


Khrystyna Humenna

Head of Marketing, Crowdin.


1 Hour


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Companies are constantly striving to reach a global audience. However, language barriers can often impede this goal. By translating your knowledge base articles, you can provide consistent and accurate information to your customers, regardless of the language they speak. This not only helps you reach new markets but also helps you retain existing customers. By creating a multilingual knowledge base, businesses can increase customer engagement, improve SEO, and reduce support costs.

You will get to know in detail about the challenges faced by companies in creating a multilingual knowledge base, how to prepare localized content, and its best practices. This webinar also provides how to integrate Crowdin (translation engine) with the Document360 knowledge base platform. Dive into a power-packed session!

Key takeaways

  • Purpose and benefits of building a multilingual knowledge base
  • Step-by-step process on how to create localized content
  • Best practices in creating localized content
  • Automate article translation with Crowdin
  • Native integration of Crowdin and Document360
  • Role of humans in the machine translation process