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Raghuram Pandurangan

Senior Manager - Content, PayU

Cross-functional communication for technical writers

Cross-functional teams have become a cornerstone in today’s dynamic landscape of product development. These teams, comprising of diverse professionals from coding to QA, aim to deliver a complete product, including documentation. However, technical writers often face unique challenges in this setup.

Technical writing tasks are fundamentally different from other development tasks. While any member of a cross-functional team can theoretically perform any task, the specialized nature of technical writing often sets it apart. This can lead to a lack of understanding and appreciation for the technical writer’s role, leading to them feeling sidelined.

In this session, Raghuram Pandurangan, Senior Manager of Content, will explore various strategies for technical writers to navigate these challenges. He will delve into ways to ensure that the technical writer’s voice is heard, and their contributions are recognized. Raghuram will also discuss how technical writers can effectively collaborate with other team members, leveraging their unique skills to contribute to the team’s overall success.

About the Speaker

With more than two decades of experience in technical writing, Raghuram is dedicated to helping organizations and writers overcome their challenges. His expertise includes adopting authoring tools, documentation strategy, and automating review and publishing workflows. Earlier, he served as an STC India Chapter volunteer in various roles such as Vice President (2 years) and Membership Manager (4 years). Currently, he serves as a Core member of Tech Write Pro. He owns and moderates the Technical Writer Forum group on LinkedIn with ~53K members.