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Crafting Seamless In-App Experiences


Akash Jujam

Senior Information Developer


1 hour


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In this digitized era, the role of technical writers extends beyond traditional help content creation. As we witness changes in how users consume information, technical writers are evolving into user assistance developers, often functioning as UX writers in disguise. This paradigm shift emphasizes a broader focus on customer experience.

In this session, Akash Jujam, Senior Information Developer, Precisely explores the crucial role of technical writers in crafting user-centric in-app assistance to ensure a seamless experience.

Key takeaways

  • The role of technical writers has evolved into user assistance developers, and it is crucial in helping users accomplish tasks within the application by drafting artifacts that extend beyond traditional help content creation.
  • In-app assistance becomes crucial in the retention and engagement phase as it helps the users get started with the product. It minimizes any obstacles or difficulties that users may encounter while using the product.
  • In-app assistance comes in different forms such as embedded documentation, product tours, contextual help buttons and icons, and in-context guides.
  • Understanding user needs and preferences, crafting effective onboarding content and error messages, collecting user feedback and incorporating it into iterative development process are some of its components.
  • Embedding chatbots and video tutorials into the tool, organizing the resources into groups, and tracking user engagement are some of the recommended practices.
  • In-app support can improve user experience and satisfaction, reduce learning curve and support costs, and further improves productivity.

About the Speaker

Akash Jujam has extensive experience in both mechanical and software domain documentation. He has actively contributed to documenting on-premises and SaaS products. His role has evolved over time, encompassing positions as a Technical Writer, Instructional Designer, Trainer, and Project Manager. Currently working as a Senior Information Developer at Precisely, he contributes to content creation, manages releases, and revamps help content.