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How Knowledge Management Application Tools Improve Employee Productivity

How Knowledge Management Application Tools Improve Employee Productivity

Category: Knowledge Management

Last updated on Jan 7, 2022

A stunning 95% of executives and decision-makers believe that knowledge management is a company-wide priority. But, 4 out of 5 employees find that information management practices in their company are in their initial phases. Which, in turn, can have a negative effect on the productivity of your team.

Knowledge management is the practice of obtaining, storing, distributing, and utilising information. In essence, this process dictates the way data flows through your company. And, with the right structure, it can help improve productivity across the board.

With that said, you have to find knowledge management tools that allow collaboration and help create a productive environment. 

In this article, we’ll discuss modern productivity challenges and characteristics of an efficient team. And, we’ll also go over examples of how knowledge management application tools can increase productivity in your company.

Common Productivity Challenges Companies Face Today

Even though all companies are different, most productivity challenges fall in one of three categories. These are, a lack of employee engagement, unprepared teams, and poor tool selection.

Employees that Are Not Engaged

In simple terms, engagement refers to the connection your team have with your company. Team members that don’t feel involved tend to have low productivity levels. On the contrary, having engaged employees that feel motivated can increase productivity by more than 20%.

Understaffed or Unprepared Teams

To deliver excellent service, you need to have a prepared team. But, preparing employees to deliver quality service goes beyond the product or technical training. For starters, you need a team that is big enough to handle your company’s inquiry volume. And, you should ensure that your agents have the capacity to handle delicate situations professionally. 

Poor Support Tool Selection

There are hundreds of different tools companies can use to improve knowledge management. But, identifying the best platform isn’t always easy. Organisations that select the wrong tools automatically reduce their team’s productivity. This can happen even if there’s a quality training program in place, so be very careful about the tools you select. 

Signs of High Productivity Levels

Even though the concept of productivity is easier to apply in companies that make material goods, it’s also crucial in knowledge-based industries. High productivity means that your team is using fewer resources to achieve your goals. 

Productive companies share many characteristics that may seem small. But, these make the world of difference when it comes to performance. Some signs of high productivity levels include:

  • Information is easy to access
  • All team members have a positive attitude and commitment to quality
  • Engaged and happy employees
  • Goals and objectives are clearly defined
  • Knowledge is shared and treated as a valuable resource
  • Deadlines are always met on time or in advance
  • Supervisors don’t micromanage their teams

The Impact of Productive Team Members

Aside from being efficient, productive employees also tend to be the most knowledgeable. Their impact goes beyond individual contribution because they often help peers that have doubts. But, if the right structure is not in place, productive team members can spend a lot of their time helping others.

Instead of helping peers individually, knowledge management allows productive employees to their knowledge efficiently. These team members need to be directly involved in the creation of knowledge resources. 

This, in turn, will have a bigger impact because your employees will be able to utilise these resources on demand. And, your knowledge workers will continue to contribute from a practical perspective as well. 

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How Can Knowledge Management Tools Yield a Productive Workforce?

For this article, we’ll use Document360. The knowledge base that can help increase productivity in your company thanks to its dedicated features. If implemented properly, Document360 knowledge base can yield a productive workforce because it can:

Centralise Information

The centralisation of information means that all of your information resources are available through one platform. Every day, employees can spend up to two and a half hours tracking down information. This includes sieving through old email, sending new messages, and waiting for replies from their peers.

Document360 allows you to create a huge library of rich media resources. And, the best part is that your employees will always be able to find whatever they’re looking for thanks to its robust search engine. In other words, they’ll be able to produce faster results while still maintaining the same or increasing your quality standard.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Replacing an employee can cost thousands of dollars. Not only this, but it can also produce lower your team’s productive output. The cost can be much higher if you’re replacing a knowledgeable team member. 

Productive employees are prone to experiencing burnout, which can eventually push them to leave your company. Through efficient information management, you can take advantage of their knowledge without burning them out. 

Document360 is a great example because it promotes self-sufficiency through the removal of informational hierarchies. Productive team members can simply craft resources and their peers will be able to access them at any time from any location. And, the best part is that you won’t put knowledgeable employees under intense pressure.

Enable Knowledgeable Team Members to Contribute in Multiple Ways

Keeping employees happy is essential, but you should also aim to magnify the impact of your knowledgeable keepers. Data management allows you to transform their knowledge into a valuable resource for your company. 

Instead of helping individuals, your knowledgeable employees can use Document360 to create materials for company-wide use. This includes training resources, sales materials, and other elements that have a more profound effect. And, thanks to its user-friendly interface, they’ll be able to produce and manage content in a fast manner.

Avoid Recreating Materials

Some studies suggest that your team members will spend more time recreating resources than crafting new ones. The good news is that data management focuses on effective distribution. By implementing a knowledge base like Document360, you can create a single source of information for all your employees. All of your team members will have access to your complete list of resources, so they won’t spend time creating duplicates.

Prepare Employees to Manage Unforeseen Challenges

From fraudulent transactions to irate customers, there are many challenges that your team may not expect to encounter. Preparing employees to manage these unforeseen challenges is tricky. Some guidelines need to be delivered during the training phase. 

Moreover, you should use a knowledge base like Document360 to build a step-by-step guide to handle these situations. This way, you’ll guarantee consistent service and allow your agents to take control of these situations.

Delight Customers the First Time

Almost 75% of consumers will try to search for answers online before contacting a company. When a customer makes contact, you should assume they have been trying to solve their problem for some time. Delivering solutions the first time around will help create a better experience. That said, unproductive teams may need two or more interactions in order to solve a problem.

By using Document360 can create resources that have troubleshooting steps and other guidelines. These can help solve problems the first time around. And, you can even include tips that help create a better experience.

Reduce the Number of Inquiries That Your Team Handles

Documen360 allows you to improve internal and external information management. You can use this platform to create a customer-facing database. As long as you produce quality resources, a large portion of your customers will be able to help themselves. Which means that your team will have fewer inquiries to take care.

Accelerate Training Programs and Gather Analytic Information

Designing a thorough training program means that your new employees will start producing results faster. 

Rather than focusing on traditional methods, you can implement a knowledge base like Document360 into your training program. You can use it as a visual resource or explain certain procedures. And, you’ll also create a habit of using your knowledge base as the first point of call.

At the same time, Document360 allows you to track the performance of your resources. Thanks to its comprehensive analytics, you can see which articles are being read and what pieces need to be optimised to maintain relevancy.

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Find the Best Productivity Tools for Your Company

For decades, companies have been trying to find the best method to share information. But, knowledge management should focus on more than distribution. 

You also need to make sure that your team are using the tools they have at their disposal. And, you need to set up a system that includes periodic assessments of your company resources in order to maintain high productivity. 

By employing a knowledge base that has all the features you need, you’ll be able to create a productive environment and set up a reliable information management system you can rely on.

Document360 Team

Jul 26, 2019