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Transform your Documentation with Data Analytics


01 Dec 2022, 02:30 pm UTC


1 Hour

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Gideon Behrensmeyer

Head – Product Knowledge & Training, SafeBreach

Transform your Documentation with Data Analytics

Technical writers are skilled wordsmiths who typically develop product documentation, how-to guides, user manuals and other content that distills technical information with ease and clarity. It is very important to collect data on the performance of product documentation and customer feedback such that content quality can be improvised continuously. The data collection of various aspects of documentation is indispensable to listening and responding to customer feedback quickly.

This aligns with many companies’ mantras on “customer obsession” and “business agility”. In this webinar, we will cover the role of data analytics in the documentation lifecycle. Topics on data collection framework, processes and important metrics for technical writers will also be discussed. Tips on empowering technical writers’ teams to quantify their effort will also be included.

Target audience

  • Technical content writer
  • Technical content manager
  • Technical documentation lead
  • Product manager

Take aways

  • Understand the role of data in documentation process
  • Interpreting key performance metrics for documentation
  • Strategic measures for documentation team
  • Quantify business value proposition of your documentation

About the Speaker

Gideon Behrensmeyer

Head – Product Knowledge & Training


Gidi as he is fondly known, is an American technical writer and instructional designer with rich experience in android application development & documenting software and hardware for Israeli hi-tech companies. He has designed and implemented documentation content strategies & portals keeping user experience in mind. He works with companies to implement a winning documentation strategy that reduces support tickets & promotes their product.

In his current role at Safe Breach, Gidi has analysed and identified customer friction points basis which he defined a strategy to fix these by documentation and training. He laid out processes for managing documentation tasks across the team and successfully migrated all legacy documentation to a new innovative documentation platform.

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