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Role of technical writers in product experience


Alex Fiedler

Director of Knowledge Experience at Torq


23 mins


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Technical writers in the SaaS industry have always been considered a post-sales enablement resource. They usually write documentation that explains a product’s features and benefits, which play a big role in customer retention. However, this process is slowly becoming antiquated. Technical writers can play a bigger role in the pre-sales and sales procedures, providing content that creates awareness on the product, attracts prospective customers, differentiates your product from the competition, and convinces a buyer.

Key takeaways

  • Start focus on UX writing. Because a good copy can save the need for extensive documentation
  • A public documentation site is a great content marketing tool because it helps customers learn more about the product and not just how to use it
  • Make sure you run your content through SEO so its ranked high on Google searches. While good documentation may not win you a deal, bad documentation can definitely lead to losing a deal
  • Good documentation can become a differentiator for your product among the competition, because it is a confidence-building parameter for potential customers
  • Provide in-app help so customers don’t have to leave a website to get more information.
  • Create a strong landing page for your documentation centre that impresses your customers instantly
  • Keep working with product analytics to understand the content you should be delivering in the discovery, delivery, purchase, and support phases
  • It’s also great to have ideas on newer features and enhancements, because when we write about the product we see more possibilities