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Of consumers say easy access to support and information can make them fall in love with a brand.


Of businesses estimate that effective knowledge management disciplines increase company productivity by up to 40%.


Of companies offering web or mobile self-service have seen an increase in their website traffic.

About Ctrl V

Ctrl V is North America’s first virtual reality arcade. We offer a fun, safe environment for our customers to experience some of the best virtual reality content, using premium equipment, all at an affordable price!.

Why you started looking for a knowledge base

We started looking for a knowledge-base because Google Drive was becoming overcrowded and confusing. Specific documents were hard to find as they were in folders within folders within folders etc. It ended up wasting a lot of time just searching for the document you needed some times.

Why did you select Document360?

We selected Document360 because it seemed to check off all of the boxes of what we were looking for in a knowledge-base. It is easy to organize documents into different categories, we are able to create groups with different levels of viewing permissions, and you can search for a document’s title or you can search for the content of that document.

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