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About Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a leading Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provider that has taken the outdated, complex and hardware-based network security technologies, and transformed them into one unified, scalable and easy-to-use software solution — simplifying secure access for the modern and distributed workforce. Perimeter 81’s clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations across a variety of sectors, and its partners are among the world’s foremost integrators, managed service providers and channel resellers.

Why did you start looking for a knowledge base?

We started to look for a new knowledge base due to pricing concerns. In the past, we were using the Zendesk guide but they wanted to charge us per user, even though most of our users didn’t use this feature. After no luck with Zendesk’s support and account management, we decided to make a change. Additionally, we needed API support and the ability to manage articles to the documentation center In an industry-standard format (HTML and PDF) and this is not a supported feature with Zendesk.

Why did you select Document360?

We decided to select Document360 due to their more flexible pricing plan and quicker support. Document360 supports export and import functions which we needed, and they also have API support which we will leverage at some point. They also have a much more intuitive interface and were able to automatically migrate our entire Documentation Center from Zendesk.

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