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About IMotions

iMotions is a comprehensive and scalable biometric research platform. iMotions helps customers conduct state-of-the-art human behavior research in psychology, neurosciences, education, health, business, human factors engineering, and human-computer interactions. IMotions, which integrates biosensors and synchronizes eye tracking, facial expressions etc, is used by top Universities, like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Stanford, as well as large corporations such as GSK, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Duracell.

Business Requirement

IMotions, which has multiple products in their portfolio, sought to establish an online knowledge base to serve as a 24×7 help center for their customers. This comprehensive knowledge base encompasses various topics, including how-to guides for setting up new studies or experiments, operating biosensors, analyzing studies, and outlining study protocols. Additionally, IMotions features articles on best practices and sources of inspiration.

IMotions was initially hosting their knowledge base on another knowledge management tool in the market. However, they faced multiple challenges while scaling their documentation, such as

  • No facility to draft an article or place changes to an article in draft. Every article uploaded would be automatically published, and every change would be instantly reflected in the live version.
  • There was no option to peer review any changes made. The writers had to quickly check the live version once the change was made to see if it was reflected correctly.
  • The search functionality was ineffective, so people could not find information quickly.
  • The platform allowed only three categories of information to be created, so information architecture could not be well executed.


As IMotions began scaling their company, they began evaluating multiple knowledge management platforms in the market, including HelpScout, Zendesk, Paligo, and Freshdesk, among others. After thorough research, they set up their fresh knowledge base with Document360.

The following features made Document360 a suitable fit for IMotions

  • The Zendesk integration allows the IMotions customer support team to access information on Document360 to handle customer queries seamlessly. They share links to the relevant information to customers, also guiding them to self-serve in the future.
  • The intuitive user interface makes the platform user-friendly for the documentation team and customers.
  • Flexibility regarding the number of categories and sub-categories that could be created. Document360 allows documentation to go almost six subcategories deep. This assists customers to navigate to certain information easily.
  • The AI-powered search engine helps customers find the information required quickly, enticing them to self-serve in the future.
  • Allows embedding images, videos, and other information in multiple formats such as PDFs, Zip files, etc, allowing articles to be as visual as possible.
  • Homepage builder gave the IMotions team much control regarding designing their support site’s landing page. Allowed the site to look professional.
  • The rich metrics provided by Document360 helps IMotions’ documentation team check the keywords being searched and if there are any gaps in the information.
  • The analytics also helps them identify the geographical locations of their visitors.

Bryn Farnsworth, Technical and Scientific Writer at IMotions, says

The categories or tabs ensure that the documentation site aligns with how my mind perceives how the documents or information should appear.

Business Transformation

Bryn says,

Adopting Document360 has made creating documentation more efficient, clear and stress-free”. He says it has reduced the hours he spends managing the support site, and its popularity internally in IMotions has dramatically increased.


IMotions, a rapidly growing company in terms of products and customers globally, required a mature knowledge management platform that could grow in the same pace regarding features and functionality. Document360 was a perfect fit with its critical features, flexibility and agility.

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