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Document360 - Bulk Operations

Document360’s Feature Spotlight – Bulk Operations

Document360’s Feature Spotlight – Bulk Operations

Last updated on Jul 2, 2021

Performing the task of publishing your articles or performing any action on a group of articles one by one can become cumbersome and monotonous. We want to make this simpler and easier for our writers. A bulk operation is a single-targeted operation that can perform a list of operations in a single go.

Check out this video on how Document360 allows you to reduce your workload by performing repetitive tasks all at once!

Why do you need Bulk operations in Document360? 

When you are dealing with a lot of documentation there could be repetitive and time-consuming tasks which should be done. Hence, Document360 has the feature to allow you to perform several operations on multiple articles with a single click.


  • Once draft writers have written the draft version of the articles, they would send it to an Editor for reviewing. The Editor would like to publish all the draft articles rather than having to individually publish all articles, he or she can do a ‘Bulk Publish’ using Document360.
  • If you are trying to identify all the articles which could be related to ‘Payment’, you can filter on the keyword Tag ‘Payment’ which authors/editors could have added to the article settings –> Tags.

Example – Let us consider that you have a product that has a new feature release coming out. In most documentation solutions, writers are unable to update the documentation until the version release. But in Document360 while the currently published version is still online, you can create another version and work on the article content while tagging it with the new release version.

Once the version has released, and articles reviewed by an editor, all they need to do, is a filter on the tag – ‘new version no’ and then select all the related articles and publish in one click.

Using the Bulk Operations Feature in Document360

First, navigate to the Bulk operations section via the main editing documentation section.

First, navigate to the Bulk operations section via the main editing documentation section.

Here immediately on the top left-hand side, you can view the Project Version – which shows the latest main version that you are working on.

  • You can also work on other project versions if you have multiple versions set up in Document360.
  • There is also a list of your articles and how many of them are in Published or Draft state. 
  • Articles on the right-hand side of the grid listed based on the selected project version in the left sidebar.
  • The ‘version’ column in the article list refers to the Article version and indicates the published/latest version of the article.
  • Filtering Options – Toggle

We can also filter the articles in the list (based on the toggle you select) to show only

  1. Published Articles
  2. Draft Articles
  3. Hidden Articles
  • Actions

Just select all the articles by ticking the tick box before it and then select the action you wish to perform (The actions that are available for those articles get enabled.)

  • Publishing

When the editor has reviewed the draft articles and would like to publish them all, He can use Bulk operations to publish them in a single click.

actions during bulk operations

  • Hide / Show / Delete Articles

Use the Action buttons to ‘Hide’ multiple articles from the documentation website or ‘Show’ several already hidden articles. You can also use ‘Delete’ to remove multiple unwanted articles.

filtering options - show-hide

  • Move to another destination Category
    • Use the Move action button to move a bunch of articles to a new category

filtering options - move

  • Filtering Options
    • Authors
    • Category
    • Last edited Date

Depending on which option you would like to see articles, select that category, then specifying more details like author name, category name or number of days to see the filtered list of articles

  • Filtering Options – Tags 

Document360 allows you to tag Articles – See this article on how to tag articles with certain keywords so they show up right on top of searches and enable users to club together with related articles.

Bulk operations allow you to select Tags used, to show the groups of articles in a specific tag.

It automatically populates all the Tags used in the Article documentation section -> Article Settings ->Tags.

filtering options - tags

Don’t wait any longer try out Document360 today and its various time-saving features!