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Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference, London 2018

Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference, London 2018

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Jun 29, 2021

Startup Grind is a global start-up community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. In this one day event on 13th June, start-ups from all over the world came together under a single roof. The whole day was full of sessions led by CEOs and influencers, dynamic networking events, meetings with investors, access to invaluable resources, and more. Such events provide networking opportunities with amazing start-ups and give budding entrepreneurs inspiration for the start-up journey ahead.

Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference, London 2018

We were one among the 100 exhibitors at this prestigious event after passing through interview processes and meeting important criteria. By exhibiting our new product to potential users, it somehow felt more real – the end of our efforts to bring Document360 to market and the start of our adventure to promote our software that will genuinely improve the business of a client.

Document360 is a self-service knowledge base portal designed for SaaS products and software projects, helping create documentation that scales with your software business.

On the day of the event

The day started with the team from Document360 arriving at the event venue – Central Hall, Westminster. The grandeur of the venue left us speechless.

Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference - event venue

We had a quick look around the exhibitors and the grand hall. We were especially startled by the majestic conference hall. To the point where our CEO, Saravana Kumar even tweeted about the awesome venue; as always he’s on the lookout for venues to host our annual Microsoft event – INTEGRATE, which was a huge success this year.

Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference - Document360 booth

We got to know more about the other exhibitors and our neighbours. All of them had similar stories to Document360 and were facing the same challenges that all start-ups face.

To be more specific, onboarding those first few clients and ensuring you engage with your target market. 

Most of the traffic to our booth were start-ups and venture capital investors looking to place their clients’ capital with the next brilliant idea. Some of those who dropped by had just started their business.

Most of them didn’t have any documentation yet, let alone a complete knowledge base. As their business scales, they will need a documentation product that scales with it.

That is where knowledge base software steps in.

Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference London 2018 - event booth and discussion with attendees

What interested the audience?

A few features proved to be a hit with the attendees such as private documentation that allows user authenticated documentation. That’s especially important for creating a structured internal knowledge base. Other features like white labeling, i.e. customizations of knowledge base similar to the look and feel of the company’s brand.

Many of the attendees requested demo websites for their offerings and were interested to try out the free trial to help them get an insight as to how Document360 could help with their documentation.

Closing Remarks

At the end of the day, we concluded it had been a worthwhile outing with lots of interest for Document360. Getting Document360 at Startup Grind Europe Conference really gave us quite a few opportunities. In fact, we were able to meet people from a similar background and with similar dreams – start-ups just hoping to get their product off the ground.

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