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Public Knowledge Base: Portal Setup to Customer Delight


Debby Kruzic

The President of Records and Data Management Inc


20 mins


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Organizations offer different types of knowledge base (KB) for their internal teams and customers. The integral aspect of any KB is its ease of use in adding new content and finding what you need. Understanding the tool and how well it can capture your needs is crucial as you manage knowledge for your company and customers. uses Document360 to build their knowledge base and Debby Kruzic shares her experiences covering the components used, content creation, categorization, and search in tackling her day-to-day business challenges.

Key takeaways

  • The Home page builder simplifies knowledge base creation without requiring JavaScript knowledge or coding skills, making it accessible to non-technical users.
  • Navigable header allows users to seamlessly explore different pages. It includes extensive navigation elements like headers, footers, and sub-menus.
  • The advanced search functionality enables quick information retrieval, showing the number of articles matching a keyword, eliminating the need to navigate through numerous articles.
  • With respect to categorization, you have the flexibility to categorize articles based on your own definition. You can effortlessly add new categories and place articles in them as needed.
  • Customization helps to tailor the appearance of pages in your knowledge base, offering a range of options such as images, videos, titles, and descriptions.
  • You will be able to have a view of recently published content, aiding external users in quickly identifying what’s new within specific time frames, be it the last month or week.
  • The inbuilt article-level SEO settings aid in optimizing the knowledge base content. It offers the flexibility to hide articles during the editing phase and continue working on them.
  • Rich analytics feature helps track article views, user origins, and engagement metrics, such as likes or dislikes. The data-driven insights assist in improving the performance of your knowledge base content.

About the Speaker

Debby Kruzic is the President of Records and Data Management Inc and the founder of, a tech-only knowledge base.

She has a background in document management and records management. She has worked with many government agencies and private entities to help them automate their paper and electronic processes. As the industry is constantly evolving, there’s been a difference in the way products and services are marketed and sold, and hence came up with the concept of was founded to provide a non-invasive platform for staying current on tech news, trends, innovations, risks, and more.

Debby has been doing extensive research into knowledge bases as she always wanted to build a public site where people could go for the latest in business technology. In addition, she is an active member of ARMA and AIIM Associations.