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How to Import, Export and Migrate Your Knowledge base Project

The import, export, and migration feature within Document360 lets you populate articles and categories with a few clicks. With this feature, it’s convenient to manage and transfer existing documentation across different projects and even import it into entirely from another knowledge base platform. It eliminates the manual recreation of all the documents and facilitates the swift setup of a fresh project. Moreover, it has endless customization options provided during the export process, such as selecting specific date ranges, workspaces, languages, and categories, contributing to a refined and targeted data transfer.

Document360’s migration feature supports over one hundred knowledge-based platforms like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Getup, or Drift. It is particularly advantageous for users transitioning from their existing knowledge base to Document360. The dedicated migration support ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition, sparing users from the complexities of such moves.

Here is an elaborate setup guide for you to refer to: Import, Export, and Migrate Knowledge base 

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