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How to set up API token in Document360?

The API token feature in Document360 allows external software programmes to interact with one another. It a unique code generated by a single software programme to permit interaction. It is simple to generate an API token for use with other applications in Document360.

To create a Document360 API token: 

1. Goto settings-> knowledge base portal-> API tokens 

2. Then Enter a token name. 

3. Select one or more Request Methods: 

  • GET 
  • POST 
  • PUT 

4. Click Generate. 

Another reason for having multiple API tokens rather than having one key for many different applications you can provide different API keys for different applications to keep things manageable and if you want to remove a particular application, you can delete just that one associated key without affecting the rest of your application 

Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer: API Token

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