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How to set article review reminder for your knowledge base

Document360 allows you to set article review reminders to alert project members when an article might need to be reviewed or refreshed. These reminders can be set either at an article level or applied to a group of articles. When an article is in need of review, a red state icon will show next to the article title in the documentation editor.

To add an Article review reminder in Document360:

  • Go to an article, click on the Article settings at the top
  • A popup appears
  • Review reminder is the first and default selection
  • Enter a reason for the review. Ensure it’s descriptive enough to provide context for the team member reviewing the article. This field is optional
  • Select a date for the reminder to trigger.
  • Click Save

To add Article review reminder to multiple articles at a time:

Instead of individually applying a review reminder to multiple articles, project admins can apply one reminder to a group of articles.

  • Go to Content tools → Documentation → Article Review Reminders and click on the Add reminder
  • Enter a name for the reminder
  • Select how often the reminder will repeat.
  • In the Select Articles dropdown:
    • Select the desired Project version
    • Select the desiredlanguage
    • Filter the desired articles with the below options in the Apply filters section:
      • Author
      • Category
      • Date
      • Tags
  • In the Reminder recipients dropdown, select which project members will receive an email notification letting them know that the article needs review.
  • Click Add.

Here is an elaborate setup guide for you to refer to – Review Reminder

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