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How to enhance knowledge base assistant using URL mapping

URL Mapping can enhance your in-app assistant by providing context sensitive help to your customers. Using Document360’s URL Mapping capability, you can show specific articles based on the page the end-user is on. You may also utilise URL Mapping to hide the Knowledge Base Assistant on a certain URL, or provide a search bar with a custom placeholder to direct end-users to the correct location to search.

Within the Knowledge Base Assistant, you can perform four different actions:

  • Hide – When selected, the Knowledge Base Assistant icon will not appear on the specified URL.
  • Single – When selected, a single article will be displayed on the supplied URL within the Knowledge Base Assistant.
  • List – When selected, a list of selected articles will appear in the Knowledge Base Assistant on the supplied URL under a “Recommended” section.
  • Search – When selected, you can set a specific search term to query your knowledge base and return a list of search results, within the Knowledge Base Assistant, on the specified URL.

Here is an elaborate setup guide for you to refer to – URL Mapping

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