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Manage customer feedback within your knowledge base

The Feedback Manager in Document360 serves as a powerful tool for managing the feedback-resolution process. By providing a centralized hub for customer concerns that helps you quickly address customer issues, reduce churn, and cultivate a loyal customer base. With an intuitive interface, you can easily access all existing and emerging concerns among your readers and promptly address them. Thus, you can incorporate feedback into content updates to continuously improve the knowledge base quality and relevance.

How do you access the reader’s feedback?

  • Go to Content tools → Documentation → Feedback manager -> article feedback
  • You can find the list of reader feedback
  • Use the available filter options at the top to narrow down the list
  • Click on the desired feedback in the list, and a detailed view of the feedback appears

The feedback management involves the following five generic steps:

  • Receiving feedback
  • Assessing feedback
  • Assigning feedback
  • Addressing feedback
  • Notify the feedback provider
  • Bulk actions

Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer to: Feedback manager

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