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Feature Update: How to track Article version history in Knowledge Base

Document360’s Article versioning feature safeguards any documentation or article that is continually being updated and revised by multiple contributors and keep track of these changes. Also, you can easily compare the latest article version with the previous version.

The below options are available in Article revision:

  • Fork: To create a new version of the article. This would be added to the version list
  • Delete: To delete the article version
  • Open: To open the article version in the editor
  • Workflow history: To view the workflow history of the article version


There are four different ways to view the differences between versions:

  • Code Diff: To view both versions in markdown syntax. The older version appears on the left, and the newer version appears on the right. Content removed will be represented with a red background, while content added is represented with green background
  • Rendered Diff: To view both versions in preview mode
  • Older version: To view the older version in both markdown syntax and preview mode
  • New version: To view the newer version in both markdown syntax and preview mode


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