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How a Knowledge Sharing Platform Upskills Your Workforce

Category: Knowledge Management

Last updated on Feb 6, 2024

Your workers lie at the center of your business. They’re the individuals that create the value that you deliver and are the number one asset in your organization.

With this in mind, it’s important they are cared for and cultivated in the right ways, to not only maximize their contribution, but also their personal development and satisfaction. This is why a knowledge sharing platform is so critical, as it can unlock new opportunities and rapidly enhance the capabilities of your workers.

By ensuring your workforce have access to the key information they need to do the job to the best of their abilities, knowledge sharing can play a critical role in delivering optimal performance. In fact, with a knowledge sharing platform, you can give your employees the opportunity to learn what they want, when they want. This not only helps them to develop in areas that directly relate to their job role, but also opens the door to learn beyond their current responsibilities.

It empowers them by handing them the reigns to their own development and helps fulfill their ambitions. In many instances, employees want to push on and test their limits, but often don’t know how to achieve them. Fortunately, with access to a comprehensive and well-managed knowledge sharing platform, this challenge shrinks as they have much greater transparency of the data the company holds. This helps them recognize what they don’t know and helps identify how they can acquire the info they need to take the next step.

Knowledge sharing has always played a key role in effective business strategy. With internal communication often sitting at the heart of success of any initiative, it’s essential you have a platform in place that can organize key information, and turn it into an asset that helps your employees do more with less.

In this blog, we take a look at how a knowledge sharing platform can help your employees improve their capabilities, enhance their job satisfaction and deliver greater value to your business.

Improves Your Employees Familiar Skill Sets

With a knowledge sharing platform in place, there’s a great opportunity for employees to access information they previously couldn’t see, and further enhance their specialist skills. Holding key information from around the organization on essential subjects, a knowledge sharing platform gives employees access to different perspectives and allows them to pick up tricks, tips and advice around their specialist area of expertise. This may help optimize their performance by filling knowledge gaps, enabling them to carry out their daily duties to a better standard at a faster pace.

Knowledge from peers can offer everything from the basic fundamentals, like how a certain system works or what a process does, to comprehensive and detailed explanations of how the business’s ecosystems operate. Whether it’s company-specific information, industry trend data or process-oriented knowledge, it’s all useful to improve personal and organizational performance.

Exposes Workers to New Knowledge

They always say ‘it’s hard to know what you don’t know’ and this is often the case in most commercial organizations. Workers regularly struggle to find opportunities to further expand their professional know-how, particularly if it extends beyond their current remit. Opportunities to develop beyond the boundaries of their responsibility are often limited and this can create blockers for aspiring employees looking to develop their skill sets, contribution and development. A knowledge sharing platform helps overcome these challenges by offering workers the opportunity to access areas (security allowing) beyond their expertise. It may be something simple, like the processes involved in delivering company value or the rules alluding to the company corporate ecosystem. Whatever the case, access to this new information can make a significant difference and help employees deliver beyond their limits for the organization.

Gives Workers the Power to Control Their Development

Empowering your workers to develop at their own pace with a knowledge sharing platform is critical to encouraging a constantly evolving workforce. By placing the trust and responsibility of personal development in their own hands, individuals have the power to fulfill their own potential. This gives your workers the opportunity to rapidly enhance their company contribution and their career.

With the right internal communication strategy, a knowledge base can be presented as a significant benefit for both existing and new employees. In fact, offering such a great opportunity to develop may not only help reduce employee churn, but encourage long term retention too, particularly if employee development progress is sufficiently rewarded.

Enhances Collaboration Between Internal Teams

With a better appreciation for what’s going on around them, your workers will be able to unlock new opportunities to collaborate and create added value for the business across teams and business units. Without a knowledge sharing platform, your workforce cannot see what others in the business know or are contributing, and this makes it difficult to drive collaboration.

Fortunately, with the right solution in place, employees can get a better understanding of the bigger picture and drive company growth by pursuing new collaborative opportunities. These may be small improvement that enhance day to day operations or large scale evolutions that fundamentally improve how the company operates. Either way, they make the business more efficient and deliver genuine business benefits at multiple levels.

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Helps Develop a Knowledge Sharing Culture That Further Benefits Employees

With a knowledge sharing platform powering your business’s knowledge sharing efforts, you’ll be able to maximize the contribution of your workforce while empowering them to do more. Providing your workers are prepared to adopt your knowledge sharing aspirations, your platform can help them to not only do their jobs to a higher quality in a shorter space of time, but also start to learn new skills that help them contribute and develop elsewhere. By giving them the power to control their own futures, you can optimize performance at both an individual and organization level.

The culture you develop around knowledge sharing will largely dictate whether your employees see the platform as an opportunity or as a nuisance. The only way to truly use the power of knowledge sharing to upskill your workforce is if they willingly embrace the opportunity, and this requires the right philosophy and attitude internally.

How a Knowledge Sharing Platform Upskills Your Workforce Summary

      • Improves your employee’s familiar skill sets
      • Exposes workers to new knowledge
      • Gives workers the power to control their own development
      • Enhances collaboration between internal teams
      • Helps develop a knowledge sharing culture that further benefits employees

With a knowledge sharing platform at the center of your organization, you have the opportunity to optimize the value of information within your business and turn it into a powerful resource that can help your employees take control of their development and enhance their contribution.

Using the essential knowledge in your organization as an educational tool is just one of the many benefits delivered by a knowledge sharing platform. Couple these educational gains with better protection for essential company data, operational gains derived from the data and a more efficient means of gathering, storing and protecting corporate knowledge, and you can see the true potential.

With so much to offer, a knowledge sharing platform can fundamentally contribute to your companies’ bottom line, now, and into the future.

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Document360 Team

Aug 15, 2019

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