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Customer service knowledge base proven to reduce your support tickets

Customer service knowledge base proven to reduce your support tickets

Category: Customer Support

Last updated on Dec 2, 2021

If you are inundated with your customers sending you a lot of emails about your product or services, we feel you.

Receiving emails from your customers is really an amazing thing, however, the reason matters.

Customer query emails will motivate you to refine your product or service, grow your brand, and build better relationships with your customers.

However, if this is overwhelming your team with too much weight from the incoming emails, then it will seriously cost your response time, delivery, and execution of excellent customer service.

And here is where Document360, an enterprising customer service knowledge base will support you.

At Document360, we are convinced by the fact that good customer support will be established only when we equip our business with enough knowledge, so, that will enable our customers to discover answers by themselves. And that led to the genesis of Document360. We have built a knowledge base software, a customer support strategy that is responsive and dynamic.

We will help you build a meaningful content strategy that will enable your customers to self-support themselves through your customer service knowledge base. And that strategy will lead you to lessen your customer service requests and build responsive and dynamic customer support.

According to research by Forrester, Customers prefer knowledge bases over all other self-service channels.

But building a dynamic self-service knowledge base is not simple, especially for companies that are offering great products at the best quality and price. And so we will help you with effective tips to build a customer service knowledge base and lessen your customer service requests significantly.

In addition to the lessening the number of customer service requests, we will also guide you on how you can focus on customer satisfaction after you have solved the first problem. We recommend a transpose strategy where you must first concentrate on enhancing your dynamic side of business by equipping your content.

And then, you will want to leverage the equipped resources to provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

With Document360, you have incredible and simple features that will help your business be responsive and dynamic to provide great customer satisfaction.

Constructive tips to reduce support tickets using customer service knowledge base

Creating a self-service knowledge base with relatable content will certainly cut back your customer support tickets to some notable level. At Document360, we recorded an 36% decrease in our customer support tickets after we released Document360, a KB software.

Have only appropriate content.

Your support forum will prove beneficial only if it has relevant answers that your customers require. You can achieve that by organizing the related queries in various topics and group them under relevant tags. You can source those queries from the request you had received previously from your customers so you could create a data-driven customer service knowledge base.

Creating an online management portal with accurate answers requires your whole team to be involved in the project.

Leverage the data from different teams and use their resolution answers to address the usual support tickets. Product information documents, FAQs, emails, chat forums, customer service call recordings, videos, etc. are a few of the resources that you can leverage to build appropriate content.


Ensure to ask for feedback so that will give you insights about the article.

Keep your answers succinct.

You might want to cut to the chase and omit unproductive intros.

Keep a note of the way you write to your titles. If it is in a question format, answer to the point. Else, if you start your title in a conversation format, you might want to build your answers in the same conversing format.


Otherwise, you can make your customer service knowledge base to fit your brand.

Add visuals and videos.

Your readers might still find your content difficult regardless of how easy you write it for them. And visuals and videos are the simplest forms of communication. Try including videos, images, or gifs wherever possible to instruct your customers on how to find answers to their queries.

Including visuals and videos will eliminate the need for your customers to read the whole document. Getting answers easily is also one of the main contributors to customer satisfaction.

Build an all-inclusive knowledge base use

Building an online management portal to find answers to the queries is an extensive and all-inclusive process. You must include every stakeholder (teams, managers, past customer queries, etc.) to find the answers. Similarly, make the route for your customers easy to locate the answers.

Make your customer service knowledge base search engine index worthy.

You are doing more good to your customer service knowledge base by making it search engine indexing worthy.

When you write your content keeping search engine indexing in mind, you are

Enabling your customers to find you directly from the search engines also. You are cutting out a step for them.
Building global visibility for your product on those keywords for your prospects.

Pick knowledge base software that will allow you to customize your content needs.

For example, at Document360, a KB software, you have an option to build your content by keeping SEO approach in mind. That option will better scale your relationship and boost your search engine results.

For those who do not want to show up on search engines and keeping their knowledge bases for themselves (more for internal needs only!), you have an option to exclude your article from the search engine results.

Check out for more information:

Keep your searching process simple.

Although you have great content, you will still risk your chances from providing that exceptional customer satisfaction when your customers are not able to locate the self-service knowledge base easily.

Ensure you choose a knowledge base software that provides a search bar facility on the main screen. And remember to label every topic and article by using appropriate tags, more from the customer’s standpoint.

Besides, having an on-page customer service widget on the web screen will stop the frustrated customer at the origin. Remember you are saving the frowns. You can include the miniature version of your knowledge bases like a help widget or an automated chatbot to readily help your customers.

The miniature version will also assist the customers to locate the content they need easily, whether they are using a search bar or leisurely exploring.

Work on improving your content with your customer feedback.

Your customers are your constant improvisers. What may seem great to you may sound useless to your customers.

Remember to address your customers, be it content, product, service, business, etc., with what they need and not what you feel great.

And that is where you can leverage the customer feedback option.

As already mentioned, include a widget to collect the customer feedback and work on addressing the negative concerns. Constantly revise your features and content so that your customers, on the whole, can be benefitted. It is one of the best ways to offset the customer support tickets you can be swarmed with.

Using Document360  will give you access to understand the customer behaviour and usage analytics so you can work on improving your content. You will also be able to measure the success rate of every article based on the feedback.

Exercise your storytelling muscles.

If you do not get things straight to your customers, remember that your brand will pay for their disapproval. As a brand, you must make sure you that you get your features and positives out to your customers. Create a storyboard around your marketing.

Talk about what kind of help your business will provide your customers and highlight who will be regarded as your potential recipients. It will set an expectation and send the right message to the audience. And you can save a lot of irrelevant customer support tickets and confusing queries.

Update your customers.

It is something you must work on seriously.

Remember to update your customers when:
You introduce a new feature.

As you grow, you are continually working on new features and enhancing the existing features. You must make sure to shout it out loud.

The updates that you make will impact your customers positively. You are not only assuring your customers about your sincerity but also registering yourselves in their mind by being in the top of their email inbox.

Besides, you are also reducing the support tickets asking for a feature or assistance.

So, make it a point to inform your customers about the change you are making on your product or service, and highlight how your customers will be benefitted with that change. You can send them emails (!but you do not want to annoy them by spamming their inbox), post blogs, announce on your social media handles, or include announcements on the websites or apps.

You are working on solving a customer’s query.

Remember, when we mentioned that we will help you be dynamic and responsive, thanks to us.

Keeping your customers informed when you are working on their query is very crucial. You can save a lot of disappointment when you give timely updates to your customers about the status of the issue they are facing.

Assuring a frustrated customer with timely updates will only do you good and increase customer loyalty.

And this option will save you a lot of repetitive questions.

Besides, when you find out about an internal technical glitch, you can proactively inform your customers about it and save the next load of emails.

Be transparent and honest about your updates.

And having a Knowledge-Centered Service model will help in resolving the repeated customer queries in a faster way.

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Metrics that matter to measure your customer service knowledge base outcome

Bounce Rate

Yes, we meant you should measure your success quotient with the bounce rate. Unlike the conventional types where the higher bounce rate is regarded dangerous for your website, with customer service knowledge base, a higher bounce rate will mean that your customers found answers to their issues fastly and have left your website.

The lower the bounce rate, it is something you must contemplate and fix them. In addition to that, you can also calculate the detailed scroll to identify which information on the page solved their query and compare it against the other pages. You can use that discovered measure as a strategy to apply for the other pages to determine your knowledge base efficiency.

Customer support request

You can calculate your customer efficiency ratio with the average number of customer support tickets that you receive on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Record the time taken to resolve it.

In addition to that, you must also keep track of

First Response Time:

90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a customer service question. 60% of customers define “immediate” as 10 minutes or less, HubSpot discovered.

So speed is the common factor in the discovery above. Your customers are not ready to wait, and they expect a faster delivery for every query they might have. In order to provide that fast response along with smooth and seamless customer experience, you need to be efficient as a business. Your first response time matters a lot, otherwise, you are going to lose that customer to your biggest competitor.

Remember that it is not always necessary to provide solutions in your first reply unless you can, you must at least take that step to acknowledge the received query from your customer and assure them that it will be looked at as soon as possible.

First contact resolution:

It is one of the few reasons that the email inboxes are swarmed – back and forth emails with no actual support from the first contact itself.
You can use the first contact resolution (FCR) as a metric to measure the success of your diminishing support tickets. If you are able to solve your customer’s problem in a single or the first email, you can dramatically mitigate the burden of your support tickets.

Group the first contact resolution tickets or emails and use the data to record your success quotient.

Customer Retention Rate:

Another major factor to measure your customer service happy quotient is with your customer retention rate. It means your ability as a team and business to make your customer stick to you for how much ever time you can. It does not mean that you can let go of your paying customer after three or four years. The longer the customer retention rate, the higher the success of your business.

In a study by Harvard Business School, it was discovered that increasing customer retention rates by 5% will increase profits by 25% to 95%.

On the other side,

Salesforce discovered that it is 6-7X more expensive for companies to attract new customers than to keep existing customers.

You must invest in KB software that will help you cover the tips mentioned above. It must be user-friendly for both internal and external users, provide a seamless experience, make third-party integrations simple, give you access to customize as per your needs, and a lots more.

At Document360, we cover all the features, and it extends to a few more too.

How Document360 will help you reduce your customer support tickets?

Document360 is a well known self-service knowledge base software. It allows you to instantly create a beautiful online self-service knowledge base, private team knowledge base, customer service knowledge base, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). For content producers to content consumers, this online management portal is built efficiently and optimized for all the screen sizes. It is dynamic and provides a real-time seamless experience.

It works hand in hand with your existing tools and makes your big transition seamless.

It is a streamlined KB software that will allow you to create a phenomenal knowledge base for your customers and staff. Content producers will get the superpower while the content consumers will feel the simplicity.

How is Document360 different from other KB software?

A knowledge base software that allows you to self-serve comes with limitations on the features. With Document360, it is eliminated.

It is a self-service knowledge base that has proven to reduce support tickets and frequently asked queries due to the various insights and options it gives to the businesses.

In order to keep up with the rising needs, at Document360, we ensure to

  • Regularly enhance our product with new features, and eliminate obsolete information
  • Add new articles and update existing articles based on the questions that arise from our customers (we add label and tags to monitor tickets which proves beneficial for us)
  • Pile feedback from our customers and work on the feedback to make the search process and articles easy and simple

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Here is the checklist to create a phenomenal customer service knowledge base to reduce customer support tickets:

  • Confirm the article topic that you need to include
  • Streamline and organize the article and its topic in a simple structure
  • Keep your language simple and address the reader
  • Format your content
  • Include videos, visuals, and gifs wherever required, mostly when for a complex topic
  • Be to the point as well address all the issues that you could – be it trivial or huge
  • Provide links within the articles
  • Get customer feedback and work on them
  • Provide appropriate tags to the content and make it easily searchable
  • Update your content regularly and remove obsolete data

And now you are set to write your customer service knowledge base articles. Once you are done, you can use Document360, an intuitive KB software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application.

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