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Knowledge base assistant – Your customized 24/7 support

Category: Product Update

Last updated on May 13, 2024


Knowledge base assistant is a nifty tool that can be embedded in any webpage whereby readers can search for any associated documentation without leaving that webpage. Knowledge base assistant can be embedded in your partner’s websites, discussion forums, and reseller’s webpage. This enables the website readers utilize your knowledge base to find the right information without going to your detailed documentation website.

Knowledge base assistant

There are so many benefits for knowledge base assistant to be incorporated in your partner’s / reseller’s website. It helps you to engage with your potential customers through your partner’s / reseller’s as they bring new visitors to their respective websites.

Knowledge base assistant gif - Document360

The partner’s / reseller’s spend marketing budgets to bring more traffic to their website such that they can sell/resell your software product to earn a sales commission. If any of those customers leave their website without engaging, it is considered as “bounce;” This bouncing behaviour is bad as customer leaves one platform to go another platform looking for information.

Knowledge base assistant is key to minimise the bounce rate of customers as customers seek all product/service-related information by searching knowledge base documentation via knowledge base assistant! This helps your organisation to build trust with your partners and resellers. Customers also get an immense value by saving their valuable time by finding the right information at the right time.

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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Document360 offers knowledge base assistant that can be customised. The knowledge base assistant icon, colors and its position are customisable to suit your company’s brand guidelines.

Knowledge base assistant background theme - Document360

As knowledge base assistant is a JavaScript that can be embedded into any webpage, this styling option also provides a flexibility to blend in with that webpage color themes. This JavaScript loads asynchronous thus have no impact on website performance. Document360 also provides option to use custom CSS (Custom Style Sheets) and JavaScript for styling the knowledge base assistant widget.

In addition to customising styling for knowledge base assistant, the knowledge base search can be tailored to a specific project/version/category of your documentation. For example, if your documentation contains information on many products and you have partnered with an organisation which sells of one specific category of your product. In this scenario, your knowledge base assistant search can be limited to that product category documentation.

If you require to list / provide additional information before they are searching inside your knowledge base assistant, Document360 can help you to add custom links. To prevent your knowledge base assistant script being shared in any malicious domain, you can secure it by adding their domain names in knowledge base assistant security settings.

Knowledge base assistant custom links - Document360

The knowledge base assistant behaviour can also be customised based on the URL. For example, you can hide/show knowledge base assistant based on the specific URL; Another scenario is to show a specific knowledge base article in a specific URL instead of enabling customers to search via knowledge base assistant.

Knowledge base Assistant URL Mapping - Document360


Knowledge base assistant analytics

In addition to knowledge base analytics, Document360 also provides rich analytics for knowledge base assistant widget. Geography analytics provides insights into geographic locations of knowledge base assistant customers. Performance insights covers likes, dislikes, views, and reads of article done via knowledge base assistant. Feedback and search analytics provide insights into comments and search keywords, respectively.

Knowledge base assistant performance analytics - Document360


There are plethora of scenarios where knowledge base assistant provides immense benefits to an organisation.

  1. Light weight knowledge base assistant that can be embedded in your partners’/resellers’ and your website to provide contextual documentation
  2. Quick and easy for your customer to search knowledge base without leaving current webpage
  3. Analytics on knowledge base shows how your customers are engaging with your knowledge base documentation


Knowledge base assistant is a light-weight tool that can be embedded in any websites using JavaScript and can be customised to suit your business needs. It provides excellent value to organisation in helping its partners/resellers use this assistant in their respective website for knowledge discovery. Customers are big winners in using knowledge base assistant as it recommends a personalised knowledge base articles.

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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