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What Is Call Center Knowledge Base Software and Why Is It Useful?

What Is Call Center Knowledge Base Software and Why Is It Useful?

Category: Knowledge Base Software

Last updated on Sep 21, 2022

When it comes to driving efficiency and performance in a call center, you need to be able to respond quickly to customer queries and relay the information they need, when they need it. This is where a call center knowledge base (also known as a knowledge center) comes in. By allowing your customer support operatives quick and easy access to the critical information within your business, they can find and relay it to customers in no time at all. This not only unlocks new efficiencies, but also ensures the information handed out is consistent.

What Is a Knowledge Base?

Let’s start with the basics, a knowledge base is a self-serve library of internal and external information about your business, the industries it covers and the expertise it uses to deliver value to your customers. It provides an integral resource for many organizations to gather, organize, evaluate and protect the information that plays a key role in their ongoing commercial success.

What Is a Call Center Knowledge Base?

A call center knowledge base is a variant of the standard knowledge base that has been built with the call center in mind. So the information is designed to be easy to search for and simply sourced by your support operatives, before then being relayed to the customer.

Call center knowledge bases are designed to simplify your support operative’s jobs by helping them find the information your customers want, fast! With an easy to navigate, fully searchable software tool in hand, your support operatives can rapidly identify the information the customer is looking for, and if it doesn’t exist, who may be the right person to talk to in order to investigate further. When optimized and used effectively, this software can play an essential role in the delivery of high-quality customer service and ensure answers are accurate and fast every time.

How a Knowledge Base Helps Your Call Center Staff Deliver Better Customer Support

When it comes to delivering good quality customer support, it’s integral that customers are answered quickly and given the information they’re looking for sooner rather than later. This is enabled by a knowledge base, but the benefits don’t just stop there. With a fully integrated knowledge base in your organization, you can:

  • Ensure the consistency of information provided
  • Enhance the efficiency of your support operation
  • Identify key knowledge gaps
  • Improve the quality of support delivered and customer satisfaction

These benefits all play a major role in the delivery of high quality customer service and can significantly improve customer satisfaction around your support offerings – which is key to driving retention and future upsell.

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How a Call Center Knowledge Base Standardizes Responses – Avoiding Confusion and Inconsistency

Being consistent in the information you provide in your support calls is critical to an efficient operation. You can’t afford to allow your operatives to interpret the business’s information and relay it in their own way. Information needs to be consistent to not only avoid misunderstandings, but also to prevent mixed messaging and potential confusion.

Remember, the support your deliver has a direct impact on the organization you represent, and so it’s critical the customer facing elements of your support look coordinated and well organized. A knowledge base call center helps do just that.

With a knowledge base call center, all information is sourced from a single location that has been vetted by experts within the business. This ensures information is correct at all times and provides operatives with a clear understanding of exactly what needs to be relayed and how. It removes the need for the operative to translate the information and means they don’t need to remember reams and reams of information.

By standardizing the support responses provided throughout the call center, all important consistency can achieved across channels, ensuring customers only received clear information that genuinely helps them solve their challenges.

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How a Call Center Knowledge Base Reduces Call Times, Improving Efficiency

With knowledge base software at their fingertips, your call center staff can find the critical information they need quickly and help your customers faster than ever. Of course, to bring this ambition to life, they must be able to search effectively throughout the platform and this is why it’s so important to have a system in place that categorises information, making it easy to navigate. Most knowledge bases use a simple tagging system, allowing for information to be sorted into different pots and accessed accordingly.

How a Call Center Knowledge Base Reveals Information Gaps

A call center knowledge base is designed to pool key information within the business into a single location, providing easy access to support operatives to relay it onto customers, as and when required.

But, as a by product of this information collection, it also helps to quickly audit what is known within the business and if the right skills and knowledge exist internally in order to meet customer expectations. If there are questions being regularly asked that cannot be answered by experts within the organization, then it may be worth investing in the expertise required in order to fill the gap. This is extremely valuable when considering hiring strategies and also opens up the opportunity to create contingency answers that can, at the very least, help the operative assist the customer in what they’re looking for.

How a Call Center Knowledge Base Improves the Quality of Support Delivered

The quality of the support you deliver will play a significant role in the satisfaction of your customers. If your support operatives are unprepared or don’t have access to the critical information they really need, then they’re likely to struggle to solve customer problems and deliver satisfaction. With a call center knowledge base at their fingertips, they have access to an entire repository of information that has been developed by the very best professionals within your organization. This easy access enables them to be the conduit between your experts and your customers and helps ensure optimal value is delivered quickly and efficiently. This is the key to high quality service your customers just want the information regarding their challenge as soon as possible so they can get back to making the most of your service.

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What Is a Call Center Knowledge Base Software and Why Is It Useful Summary

A knowledge base:

  • Helps your call center staff deliver better customer support
  • Reduces call times, improving efficiency
  • Standardizes responses – avoiding confusion and inconsistency
  • Reveals information gaps

With a call center knowledge base at the heart of your support operation, you’ll be able to maximize your support team’s efficiency by reducing the time it takes to find key information. This is critical to delivering rapid support to your customers and maximizing their satisfaction with the support service and your brand. But, it goes beyond simple customer benefits too, by improving operative efficiency, you can do more with less, and free up their time to contribute with more value-added activities or, reduce the resources they need to get the job done. Either way, you’re likely to drive efficiency and quality in your support function while profitability in your organization.

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Sep 30, 2019

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