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Set up localization for your knowledge base

When you have a global clientele for your business, having a localized language knowledge base would eliminate many hindrances faced by your customers in engaging with your single language website for support. With Document360 you can have a language-specific knowledge base. 

The localization capability in Document360 might recognise and load in a customer’s preferred language (depending on the customer’s login location or browser location settings). The localised knowledge base would include features, articles, and controls in the language of choice. You can also change the graphics, colours, aesthetics, fonts, and images on your pages. 

Setting up a Localization in knowledge base: 

  1. From the knowledge base portal, go to Settings → Knowledge base portal → Localization & Versions
  2. You can find the list of versions available in the project
    1. Click the Edit (🖉) icon on the right-hand side to access the Edit version blade window.
    2. Click on New language to view the dropdown of language list
    3. Select your desired language(s) using the checkbox and click Apply
    4. Click the Update button at the bottom of the blade to save your preference.


Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer to: Localization

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