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How to set up the Knowledge base integration

With Document360, you can easily integrate third-party apps and services into your knowledge base. Users have access to more than 20 integration options. These integrations provide users with specialized solutions within the following categories: 

  • Chat & Messenger  
  • Analytics  
  • Marketing automation  
  • Commenting  
  • Survey tools  
  • Custom HTML tags and more 


Now let us look on how to setup integration on Document360. 

  1. Go to Settings, under Knowledge base site select Integration’s menu 
  2. You can find the list of integrations if you have added any earlier 
  3. Click on the Add new integration button and a side window would appear on the right 
  4. Here you can find the list of featured and other integration options available 
  5. Also, you can identify if the integration is currently active or not with the 
  6. Select from the list the app or service you want to integrate 
  7. You can find the brief description of what the integration does and the status of the integration (On/Off) in your knowledge base 
  8. Now in type in the Description () and the App ID () and click on Add 


If your existing 3rd party application is not listed in Document360’s list of integrations. JavaScript and custom html options are available to integrate any product for custom solutions. 


Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer: Integrations 

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