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Sync and automate translation in your knowledge base with Crowdin

Configure your Document360 project with the cloud-based localization management platform

Streamline and create a SOP for all your project translation by integrating Document360 project with the Crowdin platform. Enjoy hassle free and automated machine translation on a platform, where in-house or external translators and other team members can collaborate to achieve high quality translation.

App highlights

Sync categories &articles Collaboration platform High quality translation

Why Document360 integration?

  • Easy setup and integration with API keys
  • Multilingual support for most major languages
  • Push to Crowdin feature for one-touch sync
  • Maintain a centralized workflow for all translations
  • Add team members and translators to collaborate

Make sure you have a Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise subscription to enjoy the full potential of this integration.

Sync categories and articles to Crowdin for translation

You can sync the categories and articles from your Document360 project to your Crowdin project for translation on the Crowdin platform. You can view the progress and status of translation in the Crowdin project dashboard.

Push to Crowdin from Document360

After you’ve successfully integrated your Document360 project with your Crowdin project and you have synced your categories and articles; you can directly use the Push to Crowdin feature on Document360. This would come in handy when you update or modify a synced article.

Crowdin sync info on Document360

Stay updated on the Crowdin Sync info both in default and non-default languages in your Document360 project. You can view the time of Last translation sync from Crowdin and time of Last push to Crowdin.

Timestamp feature

You can now view the timestamp of the translation actions performed on a specific article.

Last translation sync from Crowdin – The timestamp of the recent translation and Push to Document360 action performed from the Crowdin side.

Last push to Crowdin – The timestamp of the recent Push to Crowdin action from Document360 side.

Machine and human translation collaboration

With Crowdin, you can try out different translation approaches. Get content pre-translated via Machine Translation engines, invite your in-house translators and freelancers to the Crowdin project, or outsource translation to a translation agency. There’s also an option to engage your community to assist with the translation process.

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To use the Crowdin platform as a translation partner with Document360, make sure you are registered with an organizational account or individual account on Crowdin. Create a project on Crowdin with the project name and languages same as your Document360 project.

Select the created Crowdin project; from there on follow the instructions

  1. On the dashboard side menu, go to Resources and select Integrations & API
  2. From the list of integration options available select Document360 application
  3. Now the application would require an API token from Document360
  4. To fetch the API token, go to Document360 and click on your project
  5. Go to Settings → Tools, select API Tokens, and type in the Token name
  6. Select the options required in the Allowed Method(s) field (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  7. Click on the Generate button and copy the generated API token
  8. Head back to the Document360 app on the Crowdin integration page and paste the copied token in the field and press enter

For a more elaborate integration setup instructions, check out our handy installation guide.