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How to integrate Document360 Knowledge base with Crowdin

Crowdin and Document360 integration provide an array of possibilities in context to quality machine and human translation of content between multiple languages. This would simplify and automate the localization of your multilingual knowledge base.

How to setup Crowdin integration:

Select the created Crowdin project, and you will be taken to the project dashboard:

  1. On the dashboard side menu, go to Resources → Integrations & API
  2. From the list of integration options available, select the Document360 application
  3. Now, the application would require an API token from Document360
  4. To fetch the API token, go to Document360 and log in to the portal
  5. Go to Settings → Knowledge base portal → API tokens
  6. Type in the Token name in the field
  7. Select the options required in the Allowed Method(s) field (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  8. Click on the Generate button and copy the generated API token
  9. Head back to the Document360 app on the Crowdin integration page
  10. Paste the copied token in the field and press enter


Crowdin Translation using API Token:

From your Crowdin workspace, select the Crowdin project configured with your Document360 knowledge base.

  1. Click on your profile from the top right corner and select Account settings
  2. Select the Access tokens and in the Personal Access Tokens section, click on the New token button
  3. Type in the Token name; select All scopes and click on the Create button at the bottom
  4. You’d be asked to verify by login screen
  5. Your access token has been created. Click on the icon to copy the token
  6. Head back to the Document360 Settings → Knowledge base portal → Extensions, select the Translation & Browser extension tab, and select Crowdin
  7. Paste the copied access token in the API key section
  8. Type in the Organization name from your Crowdin account
  9. Click the Save button, and you are ready to go.
  10. You can now use the Push to Crowdin option from Document360.

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