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How Knowledge Sharing Tools Empower Your Employees

How Knowledge Sharing Tools Empower Your Employees

Category: Knowledge Management

Last updated on Jan 7, 2022

When it comes to helping your employees do more with less, knowledge is king. With access to the right information at the right time, they can optimize their capabilities, contribution and efficiency. In fact, armed with valuable internal data, your workforce can develop and unlock  new opportunities throughout your business. 

Knowledge sharing tools enable all this and more. With a knowledge sharing solution in your business, you’ll have the opportunity to give your employees everything they need to fulfill their professional ambitions and optimize contribution to your bottom line. 

In this blog we take a look at how knowledge sharing tools help your employees to develop and contribute more to your business. 

Helps Explain and Communicate the Reasons Behind Process and Actions 

Knowledge sharing tools give your employees access and visibility to company wide information and in many instances this provides context to the decisions made. At times this is important as decisions at management level may make certain employees working lives more challenging, and so to avoid negative impacts on morale and potential dissatisfaction, it makes sense to help them understand why a certain decision has been made. 

With a view on wider context, employees can also learn how the company operates and use that information to inform their own decision making in the future. This is important for understanding how the company works and why certain processes operate the way they do. 

Something like a content repository can help your organization throw back the curtain on process development and the strategic thinking behind it. A content repository is designed to manage and store corporate documentation and offers an excellent opportunity to not only improve knowledge management, but help employees further appreciate why the company works the way it does. 

Creates Opportunities to Take Control of Career Progress

With the right knowledge sharing tools at their disposal, your employees will be able to take ownership over their own personal development. By providing access to critical information, your staff will be able to pick and choose what they want to learn and pursue their own development goals using your internal information. This means they up-skill in the way the company operates. They’re not getting information from an unaffiliated 3rd party, and so they learn the way they need to, in order to understand not only the theory, but also how it’s applied in your organization. 

By diversifying their skill sets, your employees can improve their contribution to the organization and their value. In some instances, learning new skills can open up new opportunities and efficiencies.

In addition, armed with a more diverse skill set, your workforce become more flexible, meaning you can move resources across business units, as and when required. This is a major competitive advantage if fully realized, as it means employee absence can be covered and resources can be moved where they’re needed most. 

Finally, with full grasp on their career and the information within the business, they can recognize and present opportunities that utilize their skills and the wider information to unlock new potential. Sometimes all it takes is enhanced visibility to empower employees further. 

Something like a knowledge base would play a significant role in unlocking this opportunity.  By providing extensive access to internal and external data within the business that has been strategically captured and stored, employees can embrace the knowledge of their fellow workers and drive their own development as they progress. 

Breaks Down Barriers Between Teams and Business Units

Knowledge sharing tools help disperse information across traditional knowledge gaps found in most companies. In many instances, engagement across business units is rare and this means employees miss out on exposure to wider information. This creates silos within the business and makes teamwork more difficult, as there is a lack of appreciation for what is required and preferred by other teams. 

By providing all employees with access to key information, increased sharing can help reduce barriers when it comes to cooperation as it helps individuals to understand and empathize with the internal challenges others in the organization face. This is critical to developing a healthy working relationship that optimizes output and maximizes efficiency. 

Using a knowledge base, information can be pooled into a single centralized area, this means interested parties and individuals from across the business can access the same information. This helps to radically reduce the natural gaps that exist between teams and helps to drive collaboration opportunities even further. When everyone is working from the same information, teamwork, communication and coordination all become that much easier to achieve. 

Improves Employee Decision Making

Your employees make decisions every day. These are based on their personal experiences and the knowledge they possess, and while this is typically more than adequate, it’s likely that there’s more information in the business that could help them make the best decisions. 

With the right knowledge sharing tools implemented in the business, you can help your employees make the very best decision for the organization and their fellow employees. 

Perspective and visibility are everything when it comes to good decision making and knowledge sharing empowers employees 

Using information from various knowledge sharing tools including content  repositories and knowledge bases, employees can further justify their actions and ideas. This empowers them to deliver above and beyond their level of ownership and unlock new opportunities within the business. They say information is power and the more you can give to your employees, the more they can offer in return. 

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Helps Employees Understand the Role They Play in the Bigger Picture 

It can be hard for employees to appreciate their role in your organization. In fact for most of your workers, it’s likely they have very limited access and understanding of the bigger picture. This can be both demotivating and limit their ability to contribute to your organization. 

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why knowledge sharing tools offer such great opportunities. By giving workers greater perspective on what they do, how it impacts and benefits the company, and the role it plays in the systems that deliver value to your customers, you can motivate your workforce and help them appreciate their own contributions. 

This is particularly important when the going gets tough, if your workforce know why and what their hard work is helping achieve, then they’re likely to be that much more motivated to work hard. 

Both a content repository and a knowledge base can help achieve this by offering insight into the wider actions of the business. As documentation is created and stored, employees will be able to appreciate what’s going on around them and adapt accordingly. This is important to helping them see the processes and infrastructures they work within which would otherwise be hidden. 

With the right knowledge sharing tools in your business, you’ll be able to optimize the productivity of your workforce, give them the opportunity to develop and diversify at their own pace, and ensure they have everything they need to learn what they want, when they want. This is essential to keeping your workforce satisfied, enabling professional development and encouraging ongoing growth. 

Integrated into your organization in the right way, knowledge sharing tools can fundamentally enhance your bottom line, and unlock new opportunities to drive further business success.

Document360 Team

Sep 3, 2019