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Easy navigation in Knowledge base with Your Projects Page


Explore the functionality of Document360’s Projects Page, showcasing all your projects, including those owned, team-associated, and reader projects. This page provides a quick overview and enables you to manage your user account settings efficiently.

How to Access Your Project Page?

  • Identify project visibility (public, private, or mixed) by checking each project’s indicator on the top right.
  • Hover over the bottom right icons to quickly navigate to different project areas.
  • Access knowledge base sites, documentation editors, analytics sections, or project settings from the navigation icons.
  • Create multiple projects based on your pricing plan to meet your documentation needs.
  • Find quick access to valuable resources, release update announcements, and your user information in the top right header.
  • Monitor new additions with the announcement’s icon; a number indicates unseen updates.
  • Click on the announcements icon to view new and historical information.
  • Click “My Profile” to edit your name, change your profile picture, and modify your job role description.
  • While in a project, easily access other projects without returning to the Your Projects Page.
  • Use the drop-down menu to switch instantly.

Designed for a swift start to your documentation journey. The intuitive design facilitates easy management and navigation of your workspace. Document360 ensures seamless operation from the moment you log in, no matter how many projects you maintain.

Here is an elaborate guide to refer to: Your project

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