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How to export your knowledge base content to pdf using Document360

With Document360 Export to PDF feature you can create and share offline PDFs from your knowledge base content, including the versions, languages, categories, and articles you specify.

Accessing the Export to PDF page: Go to Content tools → Import & Export → Export to PDF and choose Content templates/Design templates tab.

  • Design Template: With the design template feature you can create custom pdf design that may be used to style the output PDF. Users may customise aesthetic elements such as the cover page, table of contents, watermark, layout, header and footer, and font settings.
  • Content Template: You can create a custom PDF content template and add PDF attributes like the File name and Design template. Also, you may add an extra layer of protection by password protecting the pdf to be exported.

Once done you can save it to export later or save & export right away. Once the file is generated you can see it in the list of templates and you have several options to edit, clone, download, delete & export again.


Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer: Export to pdf

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