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How to build a knowledge base homepage

Document360 Home Page Builder allows you to add several sections to your homepage in the form of just text, text columns, HTML, the image with text, knowledge base categories, and widgets. You can customize your homepage in a way that it aligns with brand guidelines.

● Knowledge base category feature lets you add links, that are displayed as cards to navigate to the most important aspects of your products and services.
● Version control feature lets you maintain multiple versions of your homepage, giving you the flexibility to build variations of the homepage for different versions as your knowledge base grows.
● If you have built your knowledge base to serve different regions with different languages, you can customize your homepage by the hosting region language using localization features.
● For better search engine visibility, the SEO section helps optimize the homepage by adding keywords relevant to your product.

Check out Document360 home page builder today and see how this works.

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