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How to audit your knowledge base

Document360 team auditing lets you monitor what actions your project members are taking in your knowledge base. Its very easy if your team is small and single admin managing it. When your team grows keeping track of all those changes is going to be tedious. You will have multiple admins who will have access to setting up or modifying existing articles.

By using Documnet360 team auditing feature you can easily track changes made to a specific article, so every admin is aware of the changes made by the other. Audit Log helps admins oversee these changes made in the account. There are several ways to filter the audit log:

  • Events: View actions taken in specific areas of the project.
  • Date: View actions taken within a certain time frame.
  • Activity by users: View actions taken by specific project members.

Check out Document360 team auditing feature and see how this works.

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