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Find and Replace a Word or Phrase in Knowledge Base

Discover the time-saving power of Document360’s Find and Replace feature of Document360. Input your target word or phrase, and effortlessly cycle through matches with the previous and next buttons. Choose to replace a single instance or all instances with your desired term.

How do you access the global find and replace?

  • Open Document360 and navigate to the article editor.
  • Locate the Find and Replace feature in the toolbar.
  • Input the word or phrase you want to target in the “Find” field up to 250 characters.
  • The term will be highlighted throughout the editor wherever matches are found.
  • In the “Replace with” field, input the desired replacement term.
  • Choose to replace a single instance or all instances.
  • Utilize the previous and next buttons to cycle through match terms.
  • Initiate a replace action and a Confirm Replace pop-up window will appear.
  • Define the updated article status as publish or draft.
  • Click apply to complete the operation.

Document360 streamlines the find and replace process across multiple articles, addressing technical writers’ challenges. This tool ensures precise changes to the intended content while maintaining a version history.

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