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Feature Update: Monitor your knowledge base activity with Team Auditing

At Document360, we have enhanced our knowledge base auditing functionality to let you monitor what actions your team members are doing in your knowledge base.  

What’s New: 

The audit configuration feature allows you to monitor only certain events 

How to set the Audit configuration? 

  1. Click Settings → Knowledge base portal → Team auditing → Audit configuration 
  2. You can find the below sections: 
  • All events 
  • Documentation editor 
  • Home page builder, Drive 
  • Knowledge base portal settings 
  • Knowledge base assistant settings 
  • Users & security settings 
  • Tools settings 

3. Turn on the All-events toggle bar to get audit information for all the events in your project. 

4. If you want to monitor only specific modules/events: 

  • Enable the toggle of the desired events you want to monitor 
  • Disable the toggle of the events you don’t want 

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