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Create Custom Templates for your Documentation

Document360 templates offer predefined structures for articles, making creating content for your knowledge base easier. These versatile templates can be applied to various documents, including user guides, FAQs, release notes, or customized documentation.  

How do you access templates for articles?  

  • Navigate to the Content Tools and locate the Content Reuse section. 
  • Click on the Templates tab to create, view, and manage templates in your project. 
  • System templates, denoted by a distinct icon, are pre-bundled with Document360. 
  • Click the View button to examine these templates, which cannot be modified or removed. 
  • Use the search function for efficient navigation in case of an extensive template list.  

Create a New Template (Method 1)  

  • Click “Create Template” in the Templates tab. 
  • Assign a relevant name, choose the preferred editor, and provide a concise description. 
  • Construct the template using the editor. 
  • Save and close to see your newly crafted template added to the list.  

Create a New Template (Method 2)  

  • Identify an article in your documentation to transform into a template. 
  • Click the More button next to the article’s name or at the top right of the editor. 
  • Select “Save as Template” and confirm the action by clicking Yes. 
  • The newly created template appears in the Templates list for further modification.  

Use Templates to Create Articles  

  • Within the Documentation section, click “Create” and choose “Article from Template.” 
  • Name the new article, specify its location, and access the Content Reuse section if needed. 
  • Preview the template on the right panel, select the desired template, and click “Use this Template.” 
  • Edit the content to build your article efficiently.  

Document360 empowers users to generate articles from system templates or create new templates. These templates enhance efficiency, flexibility, and consistency across the project.  

Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer to: Create Custom Templates

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